Book Recommendations Based on Zodiac Signs

Yesterday Epic Reads decided to do book recommendations based on Zodiac Signs. I thought that this idea was so funny that I decided to share their recommendations here. If you don’t know what Epic Reads is yet basically they are a young adult book community. If you haven’t check them yet go now. They are the best and have the most relatable Book Nerd Problems series on their Youtube channel (and I’m not even talking about the beautiful Instagram). The main reason I wanted to share this with you is to see if their recommendations were on point. I’m saying this because I’m a Capricorn but I identify way more with the Sagittarius book recommendations (The truth is that everyone thinks that I look more like a Sagittarius than a Capricorn 🙂 ).


Aries – because you are energetic, daring, brave and spontaneous!


Taurus – because you are down to earth, independent, practical, sensual and loyal.


Gemini – because you are clever, funny, enthusiastic, smart and you can have a dual nature!


Cancer – because you are creative, sensitive, emotional, loving and empathetic.


Leo – because you are magnanimous, self-aware, aristocratic and romantic!


Virgo – because you are methodical, eloquent, calm, pragmatic and a gifted leader!


Libra – because you are honest, charming, peace-loving, idealistic and harmonious!


Scorpio – because you are passionate, strong-willed, magnetic, brave and mysterious!


Sagittarius – because you are a true character and you are large-hearted, confident, optimistic, and sincere!


Capricorn – because you are wise, cool and calm, incredibly determined and you don’t let setbacks get in the way of you achieving your goals!


Aquariusbecause you are progressive, inventive, open minded, humanitarian and you accept people as they are!


Pisces – because you are the dreamers! You are imaginative, romantic, escapist and mystical.

So what do you think? Did their recommendations matched your zodiac sign?

P.S.: If you haven’t check Epic Reads you can do it here:






11 thoughts on “Book Recommendations Based on Zodiac Signs

  1. I don’t usually read much YA but it’s hilarious how Aries is always the badass one, killing zombies in the apocalypse if need be. The expectations are too high for us! :p


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