Favorite Books of 2016… So Far


Hi guys! I know today is Top 5 Wednesdays day but I decided to skip this week because I don’t read spooky things so I have no idea which spooky settings I would like to read. Instead I’m doing something I wanted to do back in the Summer, my Favorite Books of 2016… So Far. I know it’s a weird time to do something like this because 2016 ends in about 2 months but I have loved so many books this years already that I decided to talk about some of those books already so I don’t have such a hard time choosing books in the end of December XD. This is still a pretty difficult post to write because I had a list of 25 books and had to narrow it for quite a lot. Because this list will have quite a few books I will leave you the links to the reviews so you can see if any of these interest you. If I was going to talk about each one of them I would be here a long time XD. But anyway, here are some of my favorite books of 2016 so far:

Young Adult:


I have read a lot of young adult books that I loved this year but these five have to be some of my favorites. Lady Midnight is not a surprise to anyone. Everyone knows by now how much I love the Shadowhunters world and that’s the reason this was one of my most anticipated reads of 2016. Let me tell you that it didn’t disappoint at all. I loved that book. One book that was a surprise to me was And I Darken. I don’t normally read historical fiction but I was really interested in this one, especially because it was a gender ben Vlad the Impaler retelling and it looked cool. I loved that book so much and how the characters had so many flaws. It was a great book. Then we had The Hard Count… I can’t still forget the perfection that book was and also the perfection of Nico Medina. It’s such an amazing book that everyone should read. This has to be one of my top favorites without any doubt. To end my young adult favorites I need to talk about Adorakable and Because I Love You. Both of these books were amazing contemporary reads. I loved that cuteness was all around. These are still two different books. While Adorkable is mostly sweet and cute Because I Love You deals with a lot of difficult situations that really make you think about life and about what people have to go through. I loved these two the same way anyway.

New Adult:


Remember how I said back in June that A Court of Mist and Fury was so far my favorite book of 2016? It still is. I just can’t forget about the amazingness that this book was and I can’t forget about Rhys (not that it is a bad thing… who doesn’t want to love Rhys?). It’s just that ACOMAF was such an amazing book and it has everything. Another one of my favorites is not a surprise to anyone. Everyone knows how much I love Colleen Hoover so is anyone surprised about how much I loved November 9? It’s such a great and intense book. It’s CoHo so I was expecting some heartbreaking but this one took my heartbreak to another level. My next favorites are not one book only but series. First of all, I have to thank to Cristina @ My Tiny Obsessions because if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have read these yet and imagine how it would be. Also, thanks for making me read all of these books and showing me how perfect those were. I’m obviously talking about the Off-Campus Series and Him/Us. Both series were so amazing. I loved all of the Off-Campus guys (even if Dean holds a special place in my heart) and I loved Wes and Jamie with all my heart. Let me just tell you that if you love new adult you read need to read those because it won’t disappoint you. At last, another one of my new adult favorite reads has to be Waking Olivia. I wasn’t expecting to love that book as much as I did but it was such an amazing book with such an amazing story and amazing characters. It’s a really good book and so heartbreaking.

Some Other Books I Loved:


These were some of my Favorite Books of 2016… So Far. I know, it’s a lot of favorites for one year only that it’s not even over. But what can I do?? I’ve read really great books so far XD. Let’s just hope I end up adding even more books to my favorites in the next two months.

But tell me, what were some of your favorite reads of 2016?? Did you love any of these books? Tell me everything in the comments so we can talk about it :D.

25 thoughts on “Favorite Books of 2016… So Far

  1. I’m rereading ACOMAF to cope with the ending of EoS and it is not helping but CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE NIGHT COURT! That is by far my favorite bookish setting ever!! *I also still need to read LM but let’s not talk about that…*


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