Favorite TV Couples

favorite tv couples

Hi guys!! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner I decided a few Valentine’s Day related posts. So because I already did a post all about my Favorite Bookish Couples (here) today I’m going to show you my Favorite TV Couples. I’m pretty sure I forgot about some couples but here’s some of my favorite TV couples.

16. Miki and Yuu – Marmalade Boy

miki and yuu

I’m starting this top with a couple that I’m pretty sure anyone here knows. I don’t normally watch animes but a few years ago I was obsessed with Marmalade Boy and I loved Miki and Yuu. Their relationship was pretty funny because Miki’s mom was married to Yuu’s father and Yuu’s mother was married to Miki’s father and they all lived in the same place. Extremely weird but Miki and Yuu were a really cute couple.

15. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask – Sailor Moon

sailor moon and tuxedo mask

Let’s just talk about all the animes at once (even if I only have two animes here). I, like a lot of people, grew up watching Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask were great together. All the story those two had together was impressive and they had to be featured in this list.

14. Lorelai and Luke – Gilmore Girls

lorelai and luke

I could have Rory in this list but I always had a hard time choosing between Jess and Logan but because I loved Gilmore Girls I decided to include Lorelai and Luke in this list. These two were perfect together and I just want to see them together when the Gilmore Girls revival starts because I’m still happy with the ending.

13. Sidney and Vaughn – Alias

sidney and vaughn

This is another show I used to see every single week when I was younger and let me just tell you, these two were perfect for each other but damn, they had to go through a lot of stuff to finally be together. And don’t even make me talk about Vaughn’s “death”. I was heartbroken when that happened.

12. Wil and Amberle – The Shannara Chronicles

wil and amberle

This is a pretty recent addition to my list mostly because the show started only a month ago but Wil and Amberle are already climbing their way up on my favorite TV couples list. I’m still not up to date with this show but I already love them together and want them together. I just want them to be happy and safe which is something that it’s not happening right now.

11. Fitz and Simmons – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

fitz and simmons

I’m still really late on this show but I always loved these two together even if they were not a couple. They are extremely cute together and all their scienc-y talk is just too funny. Also, they both went through a lot of stuff so they deserve a break to be happy (together).

10. Sheldon and Amy – The Big Bang Theory

sheldon and amy

Let’s be honest here everyone who watches The Big Bang Theory loves Shamy. They are perfect for each other. Sheldon changed so much because of Amy but in a good way 🙂

9. Aria and Ezra – Pretty Little Liars

aria and ezra

I haven’t watched Pretty Little Liars for a long time but I used to love Aria and Ezra together. I have this thing for forbidden romances so I really liked them and I was a big Ezria fan. They were too cute together.

8. Kensi and Deeks – NCIS:Los Angeles

kensi and deeks

I don’t follow this show regularly but I love Kensi and Deeks. They have a perfect chemistry and are a great couple so they had to be on this list. Also, can we talk about the fact that they are in-laws because she’s married to his brother in real life? And let’s just be real, they are too funny 😀

7. Lily and Marshall – How I Met Your Mother

lily and marshall

I could talk about a few couples from this show that I loved but the writers were amazing on ruin almost every single couple in the last episode (I need to forget that the last episode exists). However they didn’t destroy the most amazing, hilarious, cute couple from the show so I’m grateful for that. Lily and Marshall are the most perfect couple in that show.


6.  Stiles and Lydia – Teen Wolf

stiles and lydia

Look, another couple that never happened. Why can’t Stydia happen? Can anyone tell me? Everyone knows that these two are perfect together so it’s better if they become a couple soon.

5. Bellamy and Clarke – The 100

bellamy and clarke

I need to stop loving couples that never happened. It really hurts my heart when this happens. I know this choice might be controversial but Bellamy and Clarke belong to each other. I know that when they hated each other when they met but they grew up a lot and now they really care about each other. Also, these two need a break because everything bad happens to them.

4. Claire and Jamie – Outlander

claire and jamie

By now you can’t be surprised that I have Jamie and Claire on this list. I absolutely adore Outlander (not only the show but also the book) and Claire and Jamie have a great chemistry and are great together.

3. Eleanor and Jasper – The Royals

jasper and eleanor

Do you like heartbreaking? If so watch season 2 of The Royals because every single episode is like a stab in my heart due to everything that happens to these two. I know that they’re relationship didn’t start the best way and Jasper couldn’t be trusted but he changed and he and Len deserve to be happy and I hope that happens on season 3 because season 2 was way too heartbreaking.

2. Seth and Summer – The O.C.

summer seth

Who’s the cutest/quirkiest couple to ever exist in teen shows?? Seth and Summer. These two were just too cute and perfect together. Also, it was great to see how they grew because of each other. These two are like relationship goals. The only reason they are not number 1 is because I loved and was obsessed with the couple that is number 1.

1. Liz and Max – Roswell

max and liz

And the number 1 couple has to be Liz and Max from Roswell. If you never heard of Roswell (which is pretty normal because the show has 16 years) this show is about aliens. You can imagine that this one of that forbidden love but Max and Liz are perfect together and I loved to see everything that they had to go through (except something that Max did in one of the seasons)

These are my Favorite TV Couples. Do you agree with any of these? Which couples would you include in your top??

64 thoughts on “Favorite TV Couples

  1. I watched almost all of those oO
    I could never choose between Jess and Logan either … it’s difficult and I wouldn’t mind both of them showing up in the revival on Netflix hahaha
    *jumping up and down for Wil and Amberle* Everyone needs to start watching the Shannara Chronicles!
    FITZSIMMONS FOREVER! I just want them to catch a break. For her to forget about Will and them to be happy together :/
    Shamy is so adorable.
    Is it bad that I was always a Jaria fan instead of Ezria? That didn’t even last a nano-second but whatever … maybe I just fancy the actor more hahaha
    Awe, Kensi and Deeks! That took them sooooo long!
    Lily and Marshall is like married life goals!
    I AM STILL SAILING THE BELLARKE SHIP and even if Clexa is kind of cool, I will never stop sailing my ship!
    Claire and Jamie are so surreal and real at the same time. I am glad Claire gave in to him hahaha
    JASPENOR <3<3<3
    I was so in love with Seth and Summer and Max and Liz back in the day. The OC is currently running on TV again and I just love watching it. Seen as I was a huge fan of Leighton Meester as well, I just love the story that she had a crush on Seth and now she's married to Adam Brody hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    • Logan is coming back for sure now we just need Jess 🙂
      I knew you would love the fact that Wil and Amberlewere in this list. I told you could happen and it did happen 😀
      FitzSimmons is just too cute but I’m so late on that show that Ihave no idea who Will is.
      I always liked Ezria. Since the first episode 😛
      Kensi and Deeks took too long but now they are together and happy 🙂
      LEt’s be honest, Lily and MArshall are goals for almost everything!
      Jaspenor is just great but so much heartbreak. I’m still not over season 2

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post! But from here, I only love Stidya and Bellarke (Yes, I also love couples that never happened) Please, do the Fictional Boyfriend Tag and your top 10-15 fictional boyfriends, because I always adore your answers 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sheldon & Amy! I would have listed all of the couples from this show! Love them! Oh, and Tom & Liz from Blacklist, Mindy & Danny from The Mindy Project, Jenna & Matty from Awkward Nick & Jess and Schmidt & Cece from New Girl. I could go on and on.

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  4. how come I never saw that first anime you have there? Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, or as we know them – Bunny and Gonçalo, are totally OTP!
    I haven’t seen Shanara or Teen Wolf or the 100 or PLL, but I’m on board with everyone else. Oh and luke and lorelai *sigh*. I hope they’re married in the revival. I don’t know why but I think the revival will be about planning Rory’s wedding or something. I loved Alias so so much ❤

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  6. BELLARKE 😍❤️ I believe they will be endgame one day (I mean they are in the book and they’re a book adaptation right, even if a very loosely based one). Clexa might happen but in the end BELLARKE will prevail. I mean they are perfect for each other! I’ve shipped then since season 1 and after all the moments in season 3 I truly believe they love each other (specially Bellamy). And omg Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask!

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  9. This is like my childhood in a post haha omg Summer and Seth!!!! I loved them SOOOOO MUCHHHHH. And also Vaughn and Sidney were my proper OTP during my teenage years.
    I ship Jamie and Claire so much. They are my current fav couple. Bellamy and Clarke…. well…. I kind of would like to see Bell with Raven (I know!! This is very out of the blue!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • For a few moments I thought you were going to say you liked Clarke and Lexa because let’s be real, a lot of people are huge Clexa shippers. I never thought of Bellamy and Raven that way… even when they had something in season 1.


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