Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Book Lover

Hi guys,

After writing a post about The struggles of being a book lover (if you want to you can read it here) I decided to do something similar but this time is a list about Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Book Lover. You know how it is… I don’t know why but there are some people who don’t understand that there are some really dumb things that they shouldn’t say to us, book lovers. The next list will have the things that annoy me the most. Let’s start it.

“You can’t bring a book with you” – This one never happened to me but don’t tell me this. I always take at least one book with me everywhere I go.

“Don’t you have other things to do?” Yeah, I had other things to do but now I want to read and you don’t anything to do with what I want to do with my time.

“Are you really buying books? Again?” – Are you really asking me that? Of course I’m buying books. I actually enjoy to read them.

“I don’t understand why you keep all these books” – And I don’t understand why you’re saying that. I keep them because I liked them or I’m reading them again.

“Are you reading this book again?Why?” – The same reason why you are watching the same movie again. I liked it and I want to read it again.

“[INSERT NAME] is going to be made into a movie” – Which means that probably the movie will not have some really important scenes (cough* Peeta’s leg *cough) and probably will suck

“Why would I read the book when I can watch the movie?” – I don’t even know what to say when someone says this.

“The movie was much better than the book” – Have you read the book? Because if you haven’t don’t even dare to say that.

“Are you already in that chapter where [SOMETHING SPOILERY HAPPENS]?” – Are you joking right now? Did you just told me something that I didn’t know yet?? Really?

“It’s just a book… get over it” – Just don’t talk with me in the next few hours… It’s better for you

“I don’t know where is the book I’ve borrowed from you” – And I don’t know where is your sense of responsibility. You don’t lose someone else’s books

“Sorry. I spilled something/wrote in your book” – Really? Sorry. I accidentally ripped something you really like.

“How do you have so much time to read?” – How do you have so much time to do something that I don’t usually do?

“You read too much” – Do you have problems with that??

“I don’t really like to read” – Oh… I’m sorry but don’t say that to me… Just don’t

These are the things I think people should not tell a book lover. Do you have something to add to this list? Just tell me in the comments.

23 thoughts on “Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Book Lover

  1. Oh my god yess!!! I hate it when people say this kind of stuff, especially “You read too much” and “Don’t you have other stuff to do?”, like NO. Don’t you dare say that. I read how much and how often I want to, thank you very much! 😀 Great post!

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  2. Omg loved those little moving thingies…. I get you…. when somebody says something like why are you always reading im like DID YOU JUST SAY THAT LIKE IM WALKING AWAY BEFORE I BLOW

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  3. Haha! This was so damn hillarious and apt.
    And then you were saying you’re not much of a meme person
    This was really epic
    I already started fangirling so thank you
    People really need to provide us some space and not just zone out making us look like weirdos
    Am a right people?

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    • Haha… This was a one time thing (at least for now). Looking for gifs is hard. I took a lot of time to find the ones that I liked =). People need to understand that we love books so there’s no need to say/ask some of these things

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  4. I know exactly how you feel, when you get to hear those comments; especially the ‘Don’t you have other things to do?’ question makes me want to scream. I hate when someone asks me that. It’s what I love doing when I have the time. It’s my favorite pastime. Why are some people just so incomprehensible?! :/

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  5. Lol, I agree with so much of this and the image responses had me tickling with laughter. One of the worst I have been told “You are not in school, why are you still reading.” I felt something explode in me and the look on my face must have been murderous because the person existef stage left so quickly. The nerve!

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