Things a Book Lover Will Never Say


Hi guys!! Today I decided to another post related to my Book Lovers kind of series. The Theme for today is Things a Book Lover Will Never Say. Before I start this post if you want to watch my previous post related to this you just have to go here:

Now that you saw the previous post let’s see some of the things you will never hear from a book lover.

Nowadays no one likes to read.”


“It’s so late. I should go to sleep…” (when you’re reading a book that you can’t put down)


“The movie/TV show was way better than the book” (ok, sometimes it happens but it’s rare)


“Why read the book when you can watch the movie/TV show?”


“Why should I read when I could do something more interesting?”


“I don’t have anything to read!”


“I have way too many books.”


“I don’t have any plans this weekend.”


“I hate to go to bookstores”


“I don’t know what I want for [Insert any random holiday]”


“I never wanted to live in a fictional world”


“I never wanted to meet a fictional character”


“It’s just a book!!”


Do you agree with these?? Are there any more things that you think that book lovers will never say? Tell me in the comments 🙂

20 thoughts on “Things a Book Lover Will Never Say

  1. Great post! Another thing book lovers will never say is, “Books are boring.” I’ve had friends come up to me and say that, most of the time I’m not sure what to do with my hands that just want to reach out strangle them. The self-restraint I show stuns me, sometimes! 😛

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