Spring Reads 2017

Hi guys! It’s the first day of Spring and I’m so happy about it because I love Spring. Because of that today I decided to talk to you about the books I want to read during the spring. I started doing that last year around this time and I like to have a set of books to read in each season so why not do it again? For this TBR I plan on reading a mix of books I have and books that will be released in the next 3 months and that I’ve been waiting to read for a long time. I’ll also include a few non-fiction books because one of my goals for 2017 is to read more non-fiction books. I don’t know if I’m going to read all of these but I’m going to try to read them (and to read a lot other books :P). So here are some of the books I want to read this spring. Continue reading

The Shocker Book Tag

Hi guys! So today I’m back with another tag. Today I’m bringing you The Shocker Book Tag. I was tagged by Ari @ The Daydreaming Bookworm so thank you so much for tagging me. If you haven’t checked her blog you should definitely do it, especially if you’re looking for some romance or new adult recommendations :). Here are my picks for this tag. Continue reading

2017 New Adult Reading Challenge – February Update


Hi guys!It’s the beginning of a new month which means it’s time for an update for 2017 New Adult Reading Challenge. As, I said before, I’m trying to read as much new adult books as I can so I can keep progressing in the different categories and I’m aiming for NA Advanced category, which means I’ll have to read 36 new adult books this year, but I really hope I can read even more. The second part of this challenge is a reading bingo that I’m also trying to complete. Continue reading

March TBR


Hi guys! Because it’s the start of March it’s time to share with you my March TBR. February was not a good reading month for me so this month I decided to decrease the number of books in my TBR. Once again, most of these reads are ARCs and most will be buddy reads. I’m also pretty excited about some of these books. But anyway, here’s my March TBR: Continue reading

Monthly Wrap-Up – February 2017

monthly wrapup february

Hi guys! It’s the first day of March which means it’s time for another Monthly Wrap-up. February was a pretty bad month in different levels but also in reading. I had a huge reading slump which made me read only 7 books… 3 of those were read in the past week. So my TBR was a fail but I still did okay with blogging. But  let’s see how was my month in terms of reading and blogging. Continue reading

Beyond the Books #8

beyond the books header 4

Hi guys! It’s the end of the month which means it’s time for my monthly feature Beyond the Books where I talk about all the random things I’ve been watching or loving during that month. February wasn’t a very good month for me. I’ve been super busy with moving, I was on a medical leave from work for a week (don’t fall from the stairs because it hurts like bitch) and was on a reading, TV and movies slump. I was also without TV and wi-fi for a week but that’s back to normal now. As you can see, a weird month. I didn’t do a lot this month. However, I still have a few things I loved during the month of February so I’ll have a few things to talk about. Let’s see what I’ve been watching and listening to. Continue reading

NetGalley Approvals that Made me Feel Accomplished as Blogger


Hi guys! The other day I saw Cristina @My Tiny Obsessions talking about some NetGalley Approvals that made her feel accomplished as a blogger. After seeing her talking about that I thought it was a great idea and decided I wanted to do the same so here it is. Just like Cristina almost right after I started a book blog I signed to NetGalley right away and went crazy about it. So far I had 193 approvals and nowadays I know which books I’m going to get approved to and which ones I won’t. That doesn’t mean I won’t request the books I think I’m not going to get because I always have to try my luck :P. Some of those books are the ones I’m going to be talking about this post because I wasn’t expecting to be approved for any of these. So here are some NetGalley Approvals that Made me Feel Accomplished as a Blogger. Continue reading