2018 New Adult Reading Challenge Announcement

Hi guys! It’s the end of 2017 and with the end of the year comes new reading challenges. Last year I decided to start a New Adult Reading Challenge and I had so much fun that I decided to bring it back again in 2018. So today I’m here to bring you the 2018 New Adult Reading Challenge. This means that in 2018 I’ll try to read as many new adult books as possible and you can join me if you want. Either you already love new adult or you want to start reading it you’re welcome to participate in this reading challenge. But before you decide either you want to participate or not let me explain how everything works.


The challenges next year are going to be the same as in 2017 which means that you can either try to read as many new adult books as possible, complete the reading bingo or do both. The first challenge is to read as many new adult books you can in 2018. For that we’ll have categories with different goals you can achieve and you’ll even have a badge you can use wherever you want to show your progress throughout the year. And because there were a few people achieving the last goal I decided to make it a little bit more difficult in 2018 with a ew category. So here are the categories for the 2018 New Adult Reading Challenge:

  • NA Newbie – 6 books
  • NA Initiate – 12 books
  • NA Intermediate – 24 books
  • NA Advanced – 36 books
  • NA Expert – 50 books
  • NA Queen/King (special category) – 100 books
  • NA Supreme – 150 books

As you can see we’ll have goals that we can all achieve. You might be looking to start reading more new adult and you might only read 6 books or you might read 100 new adult books in 2017 (and if you do, congrats to you because that’s amazing), it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is reading how many your comfortable with and having fun with this challenge.

00na-newbie      na-initiate     na-intermediate     na-advanced

0 na-expert     na-king     na-queen  

If you prefer to do another kind of challenge or want to add something else don’t worry, I’ve got you covered because we’re also having a Reading Bingo. I’m pretty sure most of you have seen some reading bingos around the internet with different topics so while trying to make this a little bit more funny I decided to include a bingo with different categories. So basically we’re just going to try to fill the entire card with awesome books and you can share your progress throughout the year.

As you can see you have two options to participate in this challenge and you can do only of these or even the two. The decision is yours and you can do whatever you want.


To participate there are only a few steps you have to complete. Actually none of these is required but you can do it so I can see who’s doing the challenge and kind of stalk you when I have time XD. Here are the things you’ll have to do to participate:

  • Sign up on the 2018 New Adult Reading Challenge
  • Make post about the challenge sharing what challenge you’ll be doing and some of the books you want to read
  • Share some of the books you want to read on other social media using #NAReads2018
  • Share some updates throughout the year so we all can see how we are doing and so we can find other books to read

As you can see there are not a lot of things you have to do to participate in this because the main goal here is to have fun :D.

This is it for the 2018 New Adult Reading Challenge. If you want to ask me anything about it or if you have any doubt you can ask it on the comments. I know I’ve been terrible with answering to comments but I’ll try to catch up soon and answer to all of your doubts. If you decide to participate in this challenge, thanks for being awesome and I hope you have a lot of fun while doing it 😀



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