The Struggles of Being a Book Lover

As you may have noticed I am a book lover and because of that today I decided to talk to you about the struggles of being a book lover. If you are reading this it’s probably because you are also a book lover and probably you share the same struggles. So, let’s talk about that.

Being interrupted while reading

This is the first struggle. Look, if I have a book in my hands and I’m reading it please don’t talk with me. I could be in a very intense part of the book and you would ruin the feeling of the book. So, just don’t talk wait until I stop reading OK?

Lending a book to a friend to get it back damaged or worse, not getting the book back

You know when you’re friends know that you have a lot of books and they ask if you can lend on of them? I normally don’t want to be rude so I say yes. But please give it back in the same condition that it was before and give it back, really. Don’t be like my aunt that after more than one year still has my copy of The Longest Ride and still didn’t start reading it.

When people say that you read too much and that they don’t understand how you get so much time to read

First of all I don’t read that much. If you think that reading about 5/6 books a month is lot believe it’s not. And I don’t have so much time to read you know. I just try to read in the train instead of not doing nothing in that 30 minutes and I try to read before sleep. That’s not having a lot of time to read.

When someone spoils the ending to you

The struggle of all the book lovers. When someone decides to spoil the end. Worst, when they do it on purpose. You know when sometimes you’re reading comments somewhere and someone just tells something that happened without warning? Please don’t to it.

Deciding what to read next

I never know what I should read next and I spend hours trying to figure it out. It’s like now. I just don’t know what I should start and I’ve been thinking of that for the last two days.

Books to movie adaptations

Do I need to explain this? You know what is worse? When someone says that they loved the movie and you know it was terrible and didn’t do any justice to the book (someone said this about the City of Bones movie and that’s not ok). And don’t you dare to say that the movie is better than the book, especially if you haven’t read it.

Waiting for the next book to come out

I think I don’t need to explain this either. The book lover eternal struggle.

Dealing with the death of a character

The heartbreaking moment that one of your favorite characters dies and you were totally not expecting that.

Dealing with the end of a series

You know that feeling of emptiness when you finish a book series and you just know that you will never read about that characters and that world again?? I don’t like it at all.

When people ask you what’s you’re favorite book

I don’t know how someone can have only one favorite book. I can’t. Do non-book lovers have only a favorite movie or song? NO. So no, I don’t have one favorite book and if you ask me that question I will give you a big list of books. Believe me.

Don’t having enough space for all of your books

You know you have a lot of books when you don’t have more space to put them and then you have to use your imagination to figure out another place to put them on.


I never had to worry about moving my books but sometimes I imagine how complicated it will be the moment when I move out from my mom’s house. Worst is when I talk to her about that and she just says that I can leave all my books there. That’s not going to happen. NEVER.

New book covers and book covers with the movie tie-in

I think that the publishers need to know that we don’t like new book covers especially if they do that in the middle of the series. Don’t do it because then the books will not match. And I will not even talk about movie tie-ins. I don’t like them.

Go to bed way to late because you’re reading

I’m talking to you Colleen Hoover. Every time, but really every time I start reading one of Colleen Hoover’s books I know I will be going to bed at 4/5 am even if I’m sleepy.

Crying in public because you’re reading

That’s the big problem of reading in public. Luckily for me I’m always in my sunglasses so people don’t see that I’m crying and think that I’m crazy.

I know that this is a lot of text but I hope you liked it. And tell me, do you have the same struggles or other struggles that I have not talked about. If so tell me in the comments.

15 thoughts on “The Struggles of Being a Book Lover

  1. My sister was engaged with a guy. His mother (a teacher) asked me to lend her a book of mine. YEARS AGO. AND I’VE NEVER SEEN IT ANYMORE. Last year my sister and his boyfriend broke up. I think I’ll never get it back ;_; (sorry for bad English, it’s really late here)

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  2. Great Job! you’ve given almost all the struggles we book lovers go through. Just like crying in public, giggling in public while reading can cause a doubt on your sainity.
    Have seen plenty of looks they throw when this happens to me in a bus 🙂

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  3. Finished up a book on a road trip recently and was crying at the end. It was a struggle not to let the rest of my family know I was crying, especially the sister who wanted to read the book after me!
    Great list!


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