The Stages of Waiting for the Next Book in a Series

Today I decided to do something similar to The Struggles of Being a Book Lover and Things you Shouldn’t Say to a Book Lover (links here and here). The theme for today is The Stages of Waiting for the Next Book in a Series. You might be waiting for Winter, or maybe Queen of Shadows. Probably you are actually waiting for a series that hasn’t yet started like The Dark Artifices. But if you are a book lover you probably went through some of these stages.

1. You finish the last book that was released in a series. The book was amazing and you want to read the next one as soon as possible…


2. You go search the release date on Goodreads…


3. 1 YEAR?? I have to wait 1 YEAR? How can I wait so long?


4. You’re in denial… You don’t accept that it will take so long…


5. You start to talk with other people and support each other. All of you start to accept that you have to wait, until…


6. Release date is postponed… More time to wait…


7. You read other books, watch TV and almost forget about the book in question. But then…


8. Book title and cover are released… The cover is so beautiful


9. You can’t stop thinking about the sequel again. There’s still so much time left.


10. Release day gets closer and closer, until…


11. IT’S FINALLY HERE. It’s release day and you probably already have the book in your hands.


12. It was so beautiful… And if it wasn’t the last book of the series…


13. Repeat steps 1 to 12 again until the last book is released…


14. When you get to the last book you feel empty…



This is it… Do you go through any of these stages when you’re waiting for a book? Is there any stage that’s not here but it happens to you? Tell me in the comments.


14 thoughts on “The Stages of Waiting for the Next Book in a Series

    • Right? I’m not feeling this way for Queen of Shadows because I still have to read Heir of Fire… But as soon as I read it I know that is going to happen. But I also need the Felicia Day’s memoir ASAP =)

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      • Oh god the night I finished Heir of Fire I was going to die. I read the BookCon sample which was released on iBooks and I couldn’t sleep the entire night & then I read Felicia’s sample and that just made it worse. I swear Felicia’s book has been killing me for MONTHS

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