Things that Only Book Lovers will Understand

things that only book lovers will understand

Hi guys!! Today I’m back another post related to my Book Lovers series (I need a better name so if you have any ideas tell me). The theme for today is Things that Only a Book Lover will Understand. Before I start this post if you want to watch my previous post related to this you just have to go here:

Now that you saw the previous post let’s see some of the things you will never hear from a book lover.

  • Wanting to buy all the books


  • When you don’t sleep because you’re reading a really good book


  • The guilt over letting this happen


  • Being the only one in your group that understands your own literary references


  • Not being able to choose a favorite book


  • Not liking a movie adaptation because the book is so much better


  • All the feels when you read a really good book


  • The feeling when you finish a really good book


  • The struggle of waiting for a sequel (which reminds me. Have I told you about this post post 😛 )


  • Falling in love with some of the characters


  • How fictional characters ruin your real life expectations


  • When a character dies and you feel empty inside


  • You’re always poor


  • This…


  • … or even this


  • Wanting this but not being able to have it


So do you agree with these??  Tell me in the comments 🙂

28 thoughts on “Things that Only Book Lovers will Understand

  1. Hahaha! I agree with this 150%! And i love the stick figure on the sofa with all those reading positions…i was like….that’s so me!!! These book lover posts are so funny. 🙂

    – Hafsa x


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