Book Covers Around the World #1

Today I bring you a new type of post that it’s called Book Covers Around the World. Basically I every time I do this I will have one book or series and I’m going to show and comment the different book covers around the world. I got this idea from a portuguese booktuber, Joca, who owns the Little House of Books channel I’ve been watching her videos for quite some time and I like when she does this so I decided to do the same. To start this I’ve chosen The Lunar Chronicles covers. So let’s start it.

United States


First we have the original covers and the covers that everyone knows. I love everything in these covers and I think that they are very relatable to the plot. Just look at them not only the books are amazing but also the covers are beautifully done.



Next we have the portuguese covers. I’m going to be honest the Cinder cover was not my favourite and I think that it could be better but starting in Scarlet I think that the covers got much better and I’m not saying this because I’m portuguese but I really like this editions. I like that they kept the colour scheme and that the covers are related to the plot. I really hope that they keep doing a good job when they release Fairest and Winter.



Obviously I loved the french cover for Cinder because they used the original cover. Regarding the Scarlet cover, I didn’t like it as much as the original and portuguese editions but it was not as bad a the cover for Cress. I don’t like it, not for the book that it is. I think that this would be a great cover if Cress was a graphic novel.



These covers remind classic books like that amazing Jane Austen book covers but I think that they are not right for the book that it is. I know that they have that repetitive item that is related to each book but that’s it nothing else in these covers make think of The Lunar Chronicles books and the plot.



Not wanting to be mean the Scarlet cover is a little bit creepy. Yeah they are related to the plot but I don’t like these covers. And it is just me or does the Cress cover is really similar to the Disney Rapunzel? (If you don’t know what I’m talking about you should really watch the movie Tangled… just sayin’)



Once again, I don’t like these covers and once again they would be better cover for The Lunar Chronicles graphic novel (Hey, they should graphic novels from these books. They would be pretty cool)



More covers that were more appropriate for a graphic novel or manga. I don’t like neither these nor the Thailand covers but both are related to the books which is good.

Overall what I think is that the best covers are the original. They are amazing and appropriate for the books that we are talking about. I also liked the portuguese covers but not as much as the originals.

What did you think? Which one is your favourite? And tell me, do you want me to keep doing this for other books? If yes leave your book suggestions on the comments.

8 thoughts on “Book Covers Around the World #1

  1. That was so good!
    Scarlet from Bulgaria was surely creepy
    I like the French and Portugese Versions and also the Korean…However it would be better for graphic novels or manga…
    I am going to do this…..


  2. I actually liked Cinder from Thailand and Scarlet from France, but I totally get what you mean by them being better as a graphic cover. You should totally do more of these posts, it’s really cool to see the different covers from the different countries!!!:)


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