Bookish Gift Guide: Part I | Blogmas #3

blogmas day 3

Hi guys! It’s time for Blogmas day 3 and for today I’m going to be talking about Bookish Christmas Gifts. Normally bookworms don’t want only books. Okay, books are the safest way to a bookworm heart but there are other things that we usually like. Because of that I decided to make a compilation of different things that bookworms might like. Because there is a lot of bookish things I decided to split this in different posts. Let’s start to see a few things that a bookworm might like.

art prints

One thing that I love is to decorate my room and that includes having things in my walls. I don’t have any bookish art prints in my bedroom but if I could I would love to have any of these prints in my walls.

1.  Alice in Wonderland print (x)

2. A Thousand Pieces of You Book Cover Print Wall Art (x)

3. The Night Circus Print (x)

4. The Mortal Instruments Runes Print (x)

5. Winter – Our Lost Princess design (x)


Okay, who doesn’t love bookish jewellery? Almost everyone loves it so I’m pretty sure that every bookworm would love some of these jewellery.

1.  We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve Necklace (x)

2. Isabelle Lightwood Necklace  (x)

3. Time Turner inspired Necklace (x)

4. Golden Snitch inspired Bracelet (x)


Another thing I love is mugs. I have a growing collection of mugs ans these are a few that I wouldn’t mind if someone decided to give it to me on Christmas 🙂 .

1.  Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda Mug (x)

2. The Deathly Hallows Mug (x)

3. When in Doubt Mug (x)

4. Bookshelves Mug (x)

5. The Lunar Chronicles Mug (x)

other stuff

However we all know that there are a lot of more stuff that we, bookworms, would love to have like pillows, notebooks, candles and even more important, bookmarks. These are a few of the things that I think it would be a great Christmas present.

1.  Harry Potter Books Magic Throw Pillow (x)

2. Books are a Uniquely Portable Magic Notebook (x)

3. Throne of Glass series Watercolour Bookmarks (x)

4. Magnetic Bookmarks (x)

5. Bookish Soy Candles (x)

6. Harry Potter Marauder’s Map Throw Pillow (x)

These are a few things that I think that would be great Bookish Christmas gifts. What other type of gift suggestions would you like to see? Tell me in the comments and I might do a post about that 😀

37 thoughts on “Bookish Gift Guide: Part I | Blogmas #3

  1. Oo! Oo! I have a time turner! ^.^ That was a present to me one year and I love it! (don’t have a lot of opportunities to wear it, though… :/ I should change that. I need to let my geek flag fly. :p)

    Oo! My sister-in-law handpainted a HP Grim Tea leaf tea cup for me last year. Best gift ever! Mugs are always fun!

    P.s. This reminds me how bad I am at buying gifts. :p People always get me cool stuff and I never have good ideas. Heh. These will be helpful!


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