The Summer Before Forever (Before Forever #1) by Melissa Chambers – eARC Review

The Summer Before Forever (Before Forever, #1)Publication Date:

August 22nd, 2016


Entangled TEEN

Goodreads Synopsis:

Some boys break your heart. Others teach you how to heal it.

Chloe Stone’s life is a hot mess. Determined to stop being so freaking skittish, she packs up her quasi-famous best friend and heads to Florida. The goal? Complete the summer bucket list to end all bucket lists. The problem? Her hot soon-to-be stepbrother, Landon Jacobs.

Landon’s mom will throttle him if he even looks at his future stepsister the wrong way. Problem is, Chloe is everything he didn’t know he wanted, and that’s…inconvenient. Watching her tear it up on a karaoke stage, stand up to his asshole friend, and rock her first string bikini destroys his sanity.

But there’s more than their future family on the line. Landon is hiding something—something he knows will change how she feels about him—and she’s hiding something from him, too. And when the secrets come out, there’s a good chance neither will look at the other the same way again…


*I was provided a copy by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Once again this was a buddy read with Cristina @ My Tiny Obsessions so go check her blog in the next few days to read her thoughts about this book :).

The Summer Before Forever is the book I didn’t know I needed right now. I can’t even describe the cuteness in this book. To be honest, when I saw this one on NetGalley I wasn’t going to request it because I’ve been quite unlucky with the ARC’s I’ve been reading recently but because this one was from Entangled TEEN I had to request it because by now you all probably know how much I love Entangled :P. Good thing I requested this book because I’m in love with all the cuteness (and Landon but I’ll talk about that later XD).

I loved the characters in this book. Chloe was awesome. She went through something really difficult right before Summer but I loved to see her development. I loved how strong she became and how important art and music were for her. I also loved her friendship with Jenna. Those two were the complete opposite of each other it was amazing to see their friendship and how it never changed. I just need more friendships like this one in other books. I have to admit that Jenna was a little bit annoying but in the end I loved her and she was an amazing friend to Chloe… I might be not so secretly hoping that the next book is about her.

But Chloe is not the only one that has a great character development. Her soon to be step-brother grows up a lot too. Let’s just say that Landon was just amazing. I loved him and I loved how much he cared about Chloe. I really liked to see their relationship development. Because Chloe is becoming his step-sister Landon tries to stay away from her but trying to be friends with her at the same time and I loved to see them getting to know each other before something really happened. I also loved to see them together and I can’t even describe the cuteness that it was every time that those two were together.

Here’s the thing about Landon, he has dyscalculia. I’m going to be honest, I never heard about dyscalculia before and I had no idea what it was but Melissa Chambers did an amazing job describing it from Landon’s point of view and showing how much it affected his life. This is what I love about some books, we learn about things we had no idea about and we’re shown how much that affect the character.

As I said before I loved to see Landon and Chloe together and I loved to see how much they helped each other, especially how much Chloe helped Landon by the end. I’m a sucker for forbidden romances and I loved this one even if I don’t see any problem in step-siblings dating when they didn’t grew up together, haven’t met each other until they were teens and don’t feel like siblings.

Not only I liked the story but I also liked the writing style a lot. Melissa Chambers did an amazing job in this book. The book was fast paced and well-written and I loved that featured a dual POV and that Landon and Chloe had distinct voices.

Overall, this was a perfect summery book. I loved everything about it so I obviously have to recommend this one to everyone else. You won’t be disappointed with this one. I can’t wait to read more books written by Melissa.


4.5 stars

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think about it? If you haven’t read it would you read it?

11 thoughts on “The Summer Before Forever (Before Forever #1) by Melissa Chambers – eARC Review

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  2. This sounds perfect for me! Dual POVs, a “forbidden” romance, and a bucket list?! Count me in! Thanks so much for the recommendation, I’m adding this to my TBR now! It doesn’t hurt that this is published by Entangled, either! I love them!

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