Anticipating Book Releases – 2017


Hi guys! We’re already more than halfway through December which means 2016 is coming to an end. With 2017 just around the corner I think it’s a good idea to talk about my most Anticipating Book Releases of 2017. Everyone knows that with the new year we will have new books coming and books that we’ve been waiting for quite some time so why not talk about it today? So here are the books I’m anticipating for 2017. Continue reading

Favorite Books of 2016… So Far


Hi guys! I know today is Top 5 Wednesdays day but I decided to skip this week because I don’t read spooky things so I have no idea which spooky settings I would like to read. Instead I’m doing something I wanted to do back in the Summer, my Favorite Books of 2016… So Far. I know it’s a weird time to do something like this because 2016 ends in about 2 months but I have loved so many books this years already that I decided to talk about some of those books already so I don’t have such a hard time choosing books in the end of December XD. This is still a pretty difficult post to write because I had a list of 25 books and had to narrow it for quite a lot. Because this list will have quite a few books I will leave you the links to the reviews so you can see if any of these interest you. If I was going to talk about each one of them I would be here a long time XD. But anyway, here are some of my favorite books of 2016 so far: Continue reading