T5W – Books I Will Never Read

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It’s that time of the week again when I bring you the Top 5 Wednesdays, created by gingerreadslainey and hosted by Sam @ThoughtsOnTomes. If you want to know how T5W works you can go to the Goodreads group by clicking here. This week theme is Books You Will Never ReadThis topic it’s pretty self-explanatory and it’s all about books I don’t plan on reading anytime soon. To be honest these are some books that I wanted to read at some point but lost interest either because I keep hearing mixed things about it, I lost interest in the series or because I know I wouldn’t like the books at all (I’m looking at you Life  and Death. I know how much I would hate you even if I love Twilight). So here’s my top for this week:

t5w books I don't want to read

These are some of the Books I Will Never Read. What about you? Which are some books you will never read?

24 thoughts on “T5W – Books I Will Never Read

  1. I read Fifty Shades because I was reviewing it for my library’s blog, and I still get ticked off when I think about it.😠I will never EVER read another book by James again.Truthwitch was okay, but I didn’t think it lived up to the hype.I loved Red Queen, but Glass Sword was a huge disappointment.😑 Not a fan of Kiera Cass, and I’m not going to even get started on the Twilight series!

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    • I really don’t plan on reading it. I was thinking of that when the book came out but then I started reading how bad the writing was and gave up.
      The hype aroung Truthwitch is the main reason why I don’t want to read it.

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      • Please, PLEASE spare yourself from 50 Shades of drivel! Sorry. Usually when I give a book a bad review, I try to tell people that my opinion isn’t the end all and be all of the universe, but E.L. James is one of the worst writers I’ve ever come across. As far as Truthwitch goes, it wasn’t bad. I juyst think it didn’t quite live up to the hype. I am going to rewrewad the sequel when it comes out, but instead of buying it I’ll borrow it at my library.

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      • I will, don’t worry. I don’t even want to watch the movies. It’s just something that doesn’t interest me.
        My problem with Truthwitch was the hype. It was everywhere in the beginning of the year

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  2. This topic was pretty straightforward but I still struggled a bit, because I can never say that I’m not going to read something. Because then I end up reading it anyway… I hate contradicting myself. 😂😊 Anyways, very interesting choices, I can wholeheartedly agree with you on the The One and Fifty Shades of Grey.

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