Beyond the Books #18

Hi guys! As you can see, it’s the end of another month (also another year) which means it’s time for my monthly feature Beyond the Books where I talk about all the random things I’ve been watching or loving during that month. December was not the best month for me in terms of reading or even watching movies or TV shows. I’m in a weird mood where I don’t want to do anything XD. Anyway, here are a few things I watched and did this past month talk about. 

I don’t think I watched any TV shows this month. I still have to finish season 2 of The Shannara Chronicles but I’m scared because I know what will happen in the next episode I have to watch and let me tell you, I’m not happy. Some characters deserved better that what they got. The only thing I really watched was MasterChef Australia (which I love). I also watched every episode of Run BTS!. Does that count for something??? XD

Resultado de imagem para "run bts!" ep gif


Christmas time is that time of the year when all the movies air so I ended up watching a couple of movies in the end of December. One of them was Cinderella. It was not the first time I watched it but I still liked it a lot.

Dirty Dancing

I ended up watching Dirty Dancing again because it aired on my birthday… it was only the 100th time I watched that movie and probably the 5th time only this year. What can a girl do?? Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies ever!


So, guys… I might be obsessed with BTS right now. I knew this would happen and that’s why it took  me so long to listen to their songs. This is what happens when I start watching their videos on Youtube. Those guys are beyond adorable… especially Yoongi or Taehyung. I pretty much listened to their songs the whole month… who needs Christmas songs when you have BTS?? Anyway, since I practically listened to exclusively to BTS there’s no need to share a playlist of what I’ve been listening to this month. Just go to Youtube or Spotify that you’ll find everything XD.

Resultado de imagem para min yoongi gif

Here’s what I’ve been doing Beyond the Books during the month of December. I’ll be back next month to see with I ended up doing. If you like any of the things that I’ve talked about don’t forget to comment too so we can fangirl about it :D. And if you have any recommendation don’t forget to tell me in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Beyond the Books #18

    • Hahaha… I didn’t know what I was missing until a couple of months ago. But I’m here now! I do have a bias because Min Yoongi is the most adorable/savage little thing ever (still, Taehyung is a close second)

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  1. YASSS I SEE ANOTHER TO-BE-ARMY HERE! Haha my bias is Jimin. 🙂 Do you have a favourite BTS song now? We can totally fangirl together from now on. *Tae’s face when he imitated RM’s part in the beginning of Dope MV*


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