Beyond the Books #12

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Hi guys! As you can see, it’s almost the end of another month which means it’s time for my monthly feature Beyond the Books where I talk about all the random things I’ve been watching or loving during that month. In June I didn’t do a lot. To be honest I had a weird month due to some things that have been happening and I wasn’t in the mood to do or watch a lot of stuff. I still watched a few things that I ended up loving during the month so I’ll have a few things to talk about. Let’s see what I’ve been watching and listening to.

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I actually didn’t watch that many TV shows this month. Once again, I watched a lot of TV (and I’m kind of obsessed with Ink Master and My Dream House) but the only show I actually watched was iZombie by “I watched it” I mean “I watched 3 episodes” XD. iZombie is one of my favorite shows and I love to watch it  but I didn’t start season 3 until now. As I said, I only watched 3 episodes so there’s not a lot I can say about it but I can’t wait to see where this season is going.


Everything, Everything

A couple of weeks ago me and Cristina ended up going to the movies to watch Everything, Everything. We both loved the book so we were excited to watch the movie. I really liked it and it was super cute but there was something missing. It was still an adorable movie and I loved Nick Robinson as Olly. Let’s just hope I also love him as Simon :P.


As you might have read in last month’s post I was super excited about the new Imagine Dragons album, Evolve, that was about to be released. The album was finally released and I’m in love with it, especially with Whatever it Takes and Walking the Wire.

Also, June was the month of the #OneLoveManchester show. While it’s still pretty sad that something like the attack in Manchester happened I still think the concert was beautiful and so emotional. I loved it, especially the Coldplay set.

Something else happened in June that I just remember… Taylor Swift finally has her songs back on Spotify and as someone who loves Taylor Swift and uses Spotify almost daily that is something that made me happy and that made me listen to a lot of Taylor Swift… again XD. But anyway, here’s a playlist with everything I’ve been listening to during the month of June.



I know this feature is called Beyond the Books and I’m not supposed to be talking about books but I have too since bookstagram was a big part of my life during the past month. Basically, a little bit over a month ago I decided to create an Instagram account for my blog. i used to post things about my blog on my personal Instagram but I wasn’t using a lot so I created a new account and I LOVE it. I’ve been having so much fun taking pictures to my books, edit the pics and post it. It helps me to relax a lot even if I’m not that creative. Also, I’m not really good with taking pictures and I’m still learning but I really love to take some time of my day to think about a concept and do it.

Here’s what I’ve been doing Beyond the Books during the month of June. I’ll be back next month to see with I ended up doing in July. If you like any of the things that I’ve talked about don’t forget to comment too so we can fangirl about it :D. And if you have any recommendation don’t forget to tell me in the comments.

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