Favorite Holiday Movies | Blogmas #9

blogmas day 9

Hi guys! It’s time for Blogmas day 9 and because I already talked about my Favorite Christmas Songs I decided that I wanted to talk about some of my favorite Christmas movies. Okay, technically not all of these movies are related to Christmas but are movies that I normally watch almost every single year in the holiday season. So let’s see some of the movies that I watch in this time of the year.

Love Actually

I already talked about this one but I watch this movie every single year. I love this movie and it helps that it’s on TV every single year (mostly because it has a well-known portuguese actress/singer).  Also, I’m pretty sure that most of yu have watched this movie a thousand times.

The Holiday

This is another one that I watch every single year. I love this movie and I actually saw it again a few weeks ago because it was already on TV. I’m pretty sure that I’ll watch it again before the year ends 😛

Home Alone 1 and 2

home alone

Do I need to explain this one? I’m pretty sure that you all have watched this movie a thousand times. I think that I’ve watched this movies at least 20 times (each one of them) because these movies are a staple in TV. I’ll be very surprised when they decided to not have this on TV on Christmas.

Disney movies

Okay, these are not holiday movies but Disney movies always help me getting in the Holiday Spirit. Also, Christmas is that time of the year where normally Disney movies are on TV and if one is on TV I’ll watch it. Actually I just found out that they’re premiering Frozen on portuguese TV this Christmas and that’s great because I haven’t watched it yet (yep, shame on me 😛 ).

These are the movies that I watch in the Holiday Season. I also watch a lot of that Lifetime movies because they’re always on TV but as you might imagine those are not movies that stay in my mind a lot of time. I also know that are a lot of well-known Christmas movies that I haven’t talked about but for some reason I’ve never watched them so if you think that there’s a movie that I should watch just tell me in the comments 🙂

19 thoughts on “Favorite Holiday Movies | Blogmas #9

  1. I don’t usually watch The Holiday, but just because once was enough… I do watch Love Actually whenever it is on, and it irks me every time how they decided to represent portuguese people, though I love the movie. Home Alone are classics, lol! Are they showing Frozen on 24 or 25? SIC?

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  2. Catia this is lovely! I tend not to watch movies too often but I can totally agree that Home Alone gets me in the holiday spirit without fail, every year!
    However, I always watch The Lord of the Rings movies every year, whenever and probably multiple times a year, but it’s not associated at all with Christmas.

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