Anticipating Book Releases – May 2016

book releases may 2016

Hi guys! It’s the end of April which means that May is just around the corner. Because of that it’s time to see some of the books that are going to be released in May. So here are some of the books that are going to be released in the next month. Once again, if you want more information about the book click on its cover. It will take to the Goodreads page. Continue reading

T5W – Worst Love Interests

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It’s that time of the week again when I bring you the Top 5 Wednesdays, created by gingerreadslainey. If you want to know how T5W works you can go to the Goodreads group by clicking here. This week theme is Worst Love Interests. This is a really difficult topic for me because I normally love all the love interest so I might have to cheat a little bit but here’s some of the worst love interests on my opinion. Continue reading

Be, Room, Cliff Book Tag

be room cliff

Hi guys!! I told you the other day that I was going to do the Be, Room, Cliff book tag after doing the Marry, Kiss, Cliff Tag (see it here). Today is the day that I do it. once again it was a pretty funny tag to do. For this tag you have to choose 3 book female characters randomly and decide which one you want to be, have as roommate or throw off a cliff. Let’s start it.

Round 1


For the first round I got Clary Fray (The Mortal Instruments), Eleanor (Eleanor & Park) and Tris Prior (Divergent).

This round was quite easy. I don’t want to be Eleanor because she has a rough life and I wouldn’t want to go through what she went but I would love to have her as my roommate/best friend. Now between Clary and Tris I decided that I would like to be Clary more than Tris. So I would be Clary and I would kill Tris (not that killing her would change anything).

Round 2


In the second round the names sorted were Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, Tessa Gray from The Infernal Devices and Nehemia from Throne of Glass.

Just to start this round really well I would be Tessa. I’m not even explaining why. If you follow this blog you might know that I love this series (ans she has Will and Jem in her life 😛 ). I wouldn’t want to kill any of these girls but if I had to it would be Nehemia. This means that I would have Hermione has my roommate. Who wouldn’t want Hermione as her roommate?

Round 3


For this round the characters are: Hazel Grace Lancaster (The Fault in Our Stars), Feyre (A Court of Throns and Roses) and Alice Cullen (Twilight Saga).

Once again let’s start with the easy one, I would be Feyre without a doubt. For the other characters I wouldn’t want to kill any of them but I decided that I would like to have Alice as my roommate instead of Hazel. This means that I would kill Hazel. Sorry Hazel… It’s not that I don’t like you but I don’t want to be you and Alice would be a better roommate/best friend.

Round 4


In this fourth round the characters chosen were America Singer from The Selection, Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter and Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games.

Let’s start with the easy one. I would kill America because she drives me crazy and I don’t like her. I would finish The Selection series if she wasn’t this terrible main character that I don’t like. Between Katniss and Luna I don’t know who I’d want to be. Probably I wouldn’t want to be Katniss because I don’t want to participate in The Hunger Games so I would have her as my roommate. No one would try to mess with us. This means that I would be Luna which it’s not that bad because she’s quirky and a little bit crazy in a good way.

Round 5


For this round I got Isabelle Lightwood (The Mortal Instruments), Cath Avery (Fangirl) and Mara Dyer.

This round is quite easy even if wouldn’t want to kill any of them. I would be Cath because we are both fangirls and because she has Levi in her life. I would have Isabelle has my roommate/best friend because she’s amazing and once again no one would mess with me if she was my best friend. This means that I would have to throw Mara Dyer from a cliff. Sorry Mara. I don’t want to do it but I have to.

Round 6


This tag is almost in the end but we still have two rounds to go. For this second to last round the names sorted were Celia Bowen from The Night Circus, Celeana Sardothien from Throne of Glass and Anna Oliphant from Anna and the French Kiss.

I might love Celeana and the Throne of Glass series but I wouldn’t want to be her because she has to deal with a lot of stuff. This means that I would have her as my best friend and she could introduce me to Chaol and Dorian (and once again no one would mess up with me if she was my friend). I would be Anna because she lived in Paris alone (of course that my choice has nothing to do with St. Clair ok? 😛 ). This means that I would have to throw Celia from a cliff and that would break my heart but it’s something that I had to do.

Round 7


The last characters sorted for this tag were Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles, Bella Swan from the Twilight Saga and Juliette Ferrars from Shatter Me.

I’m going to say what everyone is thinking… I would throw Bella from a cliff. No explanation needed. I would have Cinder as my roommate and I would be Juliette. Once again this choice has nothing to do with the guy. I don’t even like Warner, he’s terrible 😛 … of course that I’d want to be Juliette because of Warner. He’s amazing and she’s a lucky girl.


So this was the Be, Room, Cliff Book Tag. If you end up doing this tag tell me in the comments so I can see your choices 😀

T5W – Characters I Want to Drown

It’s that time of the week again when I bring you the Top 5 Wednesdays, created by gingerreadslainey. If you want to know how T5W works you can go to the Goodreads group by clicking here. This weeks theme is Top 5 Characters I Want to Drown.  Let’s start this list.

5. Tris Prior – Divergent

The truth is that I only want to drown the Tris that appears in Allegiant (and sometimes in Insurgent too). That girl makes so bad decisions in that book that I couldn’t handle it.

4. Richie – Eleanor & Park

If you don’t remember Richie is Eleanor step-father. The way he treated Eleanor and her family would normally get me mad and I wanted to drown him (and sometimes even worse).

3. Adam Kent – Shatter Me

I loved Adam in the first Shatter Me book but that took a turn when I started Unravel Me. His decisions and the way he treated Juliette. I wanted to pull my hairs every time I had to read anything that he said.

2. Bella Swan – Twilight Saga

Oh Bella. I hated how she was so dependent of Edward especially in New Moon. And the situations that she put herself in.

1. America Singer – The Selection

America Singer is the reason why I haven’t read The One yet. I actually liked her in the beginning of the first book but then she started making stupid decisions. And let’s not talk about the stupid love triangle. One chapter she loved Maxon and the other Aspen. Ugh… I just can’t deal with that and if I could I would drown her.

Characters I Want to Drown

This is it, the top 5 characters I want  to drown. Tell me, which characters have you included in your tops? Have you included any of these?

The Coffee Book Tag

coffee book tag

Hi! I’m back today with another book tag. I wanted to write a review today but someone is in a reading slump and that’s something that doesn’t help when you want to write reviews. But let’s forget about that. Today I’m answering to the Coffee Book Tag that was created by BangadyBangz from booktube. So let’s start it.

1. BlackName a series that’s tough to get into but has hardcore fans.

The Selection

Probably The Selection by Kiera Cass. It’s not that I don’t like the books but it took me a long time to get into the story and most of the times America annoys me. I think that’s one of the reasons why I haven’t read The One yet.

2. Peppermint mocha: Name a book that gets more popular during the winter or a festive time of year.

Harry Potter

These books are already pretty popular but the true is that everyone reads or re-reads Harry Potter in the winter. I understand. I started reading it last winter. It’s something that almost everyone does.

3. Hot chocolate: What is your favorite children’s book?


Probably The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. The ones that I’ve read so far are amazing (But let’s just forget that I never read them when I was a kid. It’s something that started only 1/2 years ago =P).

4. Double shot of espresso: Name a book that kept you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)

Well, that happens with a lot of books but I think that most recently that happened with Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. That book is a rollercoaster from the beginning to the end.

5. Starbucks: Name a book you see everywhere.

Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1)

There is a book series that everyone talks and that’s everywhere I go and that books are Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s everywhere and it was worse when the movie was released. And the worst part: just because you love to read people assume that you’ve read it even thought you didn’t. And now everyone talks about the new book that is going to be released.

6. That hipster coffee shop: Give a book by an indie author a shoutout.

True Calling (True Calling #1)

The True Calling trilogy by Siobhan Davis. The first two books are out and I had the opportunity to read them. They are amazing. You can read reviews for True Calling and Beyond Reach here and here.

7. Oops! I accidentally got decaf: Name a book you were expecting more from.

Gone Girl

I have to say Gone Girl. I have heard amazing thing about this book but it was a big let down for me. I think that Dark Places is better than Gone Girl but everyone talks about the last one and I don’t understand why.

8. The perfect blendName a book or series that was both bitter and sweet but ultimately satisfying.

infernal devices usa original

Let’s be real. You didn’t think that I would answer a tag and not talk about Cassandra Clare, right? Because I always talk about Cassandra Clare. The Infernal Devices is one of the best series that I ever read and while reading I went through a mix of feelings. These books have everything and the ending is just amazing. And let me tell which series is the runner-up. Obviously The Mortal Instruments. Cassandra Clare is a genius and her books are incredible.

These are my answers. But before I end this post I’m tagging:

Warisha at Warisha Reads

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Saba and Hafsa at BookMates

Trey at Trey Schnarr Books

Analee at Book Snacks

And I also tag everyone who wants to answer to this tag. If you do it just tell me in the comments so I can see your answers.

Series That I Have Yet to Completed


The other day I made a post about all the book series that I have completed. Today I bring you the series that I have yet to finish. This list is going to be separated in three categories: series that are not completed (the last book is not out yet), series in which all books were released but I have yet the finish and series that for some reason  I will not finish. So let’s see what I have yet to finish.

Series That are Not Finished Yet

The books I’m going to show in this part are not completed because there is a least one book that was not released yet and that I want to finish as soon as they are released. The  exception to this are The Selection and The Bone Season because there is more than one book that has to be released. The Bone Season is going to have seven books and only two were released so this is going to be in my list for at least five more years.

The Lunar Chronicles

The Lunar Chronicles

The Selection

The Selection



The Bone Season


Red Queen



Red Rising


Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before




Completed Series That I Have Yet to Finish

There are only two series in which all the book were released and I haven’t read it yet. These are The Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter. I know you are all going to be saying why didn’t read these books yet and there is an explanation. I didn’t read when I was younger and then I have been the last 9/10 saying to myself “You have to read these books”. A good thing is that I started both of the series and I want to finish them this year.

The Chronicles of Narnia


Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Series I’m Not Planning to Finish

These are the series in which I read a book but I’m not planning to finish them. Mostly I will not read them because either I didn’t like the first book that much or I read bad things about them. The only exceptions are The Giver Quartet and Across the Universe. I’m not reading these because I’ve read it long time ago and I think that while I liked both books I have other things that I want to read before.

The Giver Quartet

The Giver

Across the Universe


Delirium Series


Wolves of Mercy Falls


Caster Chronicles

Beautiful Creatures

These are the series that I have yet to finish. Have you read any of them? And what series do you think I should be reading? Tell me about it in the comments.

T5W – Most Frustrating Characters

Today I bring you Top 5 Wednesdays which was created by gingerreadslainey. If you want to know how T5W works you can go to the Goodreads group by clicking here. This weeks theme is Top 5 Most Frustrating Characters. While I knew for sure three of the characters that I want to put in this list I had a few problems to get the last two. But I did it. So let’s start it.

5. Tris Prior – Divergent Series

I loved Divergent and I loved Tris but there is one point that I getting so frustrated with her. She was always trying to get on fights with Four and doing stupid things and I got so mad at her. If you read Allegiant you know were her actions took her.

4. Jessamine Lovelace – The Infernal Devices

Jessamine, Jessamine, Jessamine. I didn’t like her, at all. She was always whining, complaining and to have everything in the way she wanted. I just didn´t like her.

3. America Singer – The Selection Series

I liked America in the beginning and she was going to be in The Selection to be able to help her family but her indecision was getting on my nerves. She had a prince who liked her and she liked him but then Aspen appeared and she was doubting again which one she loved. WHY?? Just choose Maxon already OK? (I didn’t read The One and probably that didi happen)

2. Amy and Nick Dunne – Gone Girl

Do I need to explain this? Amy does what she does just because she needs to have everything the way she wants and he just stays there? Nope. I didn’t understand that and it was so frustrating that in the end I was like I don’t care you both have twisted minds so just stay together… Ugh

1. Bella Swan – Twilight Saga

Don’t get me wrong. I loved Twilight but let’s be real. I think that Bella is going to be in most of top 5. You really needed to stay like that only because your boyfriend broke up with you and moved?? Really? Have you not heard about something called move on? It’s not like you couldn’t meet somebody else (cough* Jacob *cough).

Most Frustrating Characters

So this was my top 5 for Most Frustrating Characters. Who would you add to this list?