The Bookish Alphabet Tag!


Hi guys! So today I’m back with another tag. I haven’t been doing a lot of tags recently because of my lack of time but since I had a few days off I decided it was time to answer to a few more tags. Today I’m doing The Bookish Alphabet Tag that was created by Mariana FireHeartBooks. I saw Cristina @ My Tiny Obsessions and that reminded me I had been tagged a long, long time ago (Like in the end of 2015) by Ariana @ TheQuirkyBookNerd to do it so thank you so much for tagging me and sorry for taking me so long… I’m kind of drowning in tags XD. If you haven’t checked her blog you should definitely go check it 🙂 .

To complete this tag, all you have to do is search through the books you read or own and find books that begin with every letter of the alphabet.  The word “the” does not count so don’t be surprised if I have tons of books starting with “the”. Also, I decided to use some of my favorite books so this will have a mix of genres.

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