Monthly Wrap-Up – September


Hi guys! It’s the last day of September which means it’s time for another Monthly Wrap-up. September was a weird month for me not because of my reading progress but because my lifetook a complete turn and now I’m more busy than I have ever been since I started blogging and now I barely have time to do anything. This means that I haven’t been as present in the blogging community like I want to be but I’ve been trying to adjust to a new schedule and it’s not easy. I promise I’ll try to catch up as soon as I get some extra time :D. But anyway, today I’m here to talk about my reading month and I have to tell you that I had a really great reading month. Not only I read 12 books but I also really loved most of them. I had a few disappointments but it’s okay. But  let’s see how was my month in terms of reading and blogging. Continue reading

September Wrap-Up

background feathers wrapup september

Hi guys! It’s already the first day of October which means that it’s time to do my monthly wrap-up. I actually did pretty well this month. I read a total of 7 books (ok, 6 books and a novella) which is not a lot. However if you don’t know I’ve been in a kind of slump since I read 10 books in February and then I only read about 4/5 books monthly. This means that I’m actually really happy with the number of books I’ve read and maybe I’m coming back to my normal self 😛  So these were the books I’ve read during the month of September. Continue reading