Favorite Female Authors

favorite female authors

Hi guys!! Today is International Women’s Day and because of that I decided that I wanted to share with you some of my Favorite Female Authors. For some reason I read mainly books written by female authors but I decided to share some of my favorite with you. These authors are not my only favorites, I have a lot more, but I wanted to keep this post short so I decided to talk about only five authors. So here’s some of my favorite female authors. Continue reading

Book Recommendations: Romance

book recommendations romance

Hi guys! It’s time for a few more book recommendations. Today I decided to recommend you a few of my Favorite Romance books because Valentine’s Day is in less than a week. This recommendations post will be a little bit different from the others because it will be split in categories. So let’s see which books made to this list 🙂 . Continue reading

T5W – Books I’m Thankful For

t5w new header

It’s that time of the week again when I bring you the Top 5 Wednesdays, created by gingerreadslainey. If you want to know how T5W works you can go to the Goodreads group by clicking here. This week theme is Books I’m Thankful For. While I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, because it isn’t something that is celebrated in Portugal, there are a few books that I’m thankful for.So let’s start this list. Continue reading

Fall Time Cozy Time Book Tag!

Fall Time Cozy Time

Hi guys! I’m back with another tag and because it’s fall it’s the perfect time to do the Fall Time Cozy Time Book Tag. I was tagged by the lovely Kat @ Life and Other Disasters and I decided to answer to it right away. However, when I was answering to the questions I was also tagged by Keira @ Signing On to do the same tag so here it is. So thank you both for tagging me 🙂 . If you haven’t visited their blogs what are you waiting?

Okay, let’s start this tag. Continue reading

Book Recommendations: Favorite Books Part I

books recommendations favorite books part 1

Hi guys! Today I decided to start doing some book recommendations and I’ll try to do this often with different themes. Because it’s my first book recommendations post I decided to talk about some of my favorite books. I have so many favorite books that I decided to split the post in two. For this week books I choose some well-known known books and also a few books that I normally don’t hear people talking about. So let’s start these recommendations. Continue reading

Book Traveling Thursdays #5 – A monster of a book (500+ pages)!

Today is thursday which means that is Book Traveling Thursdays, a weekly meme created by me and Danielle @ Danielle’s Book Blog. This weekly meme consists in picking a book related to the weekly theme that is announced in the group Goodreads page (if you want to join click here) at the beginning of each month. After that you can write a blog post where you explain why you choose that book and choose different covers from different countries. To make it a little bit easy you are going to choose different editions of the original cover, the cover from your country, your favorite cover, and your least favorite cover. This week theme is A Monster of a Book which means that he have to choose a book with 500 pages or more. I was going to choose Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix but after thinking about it I decided to choose something else mostly because everyone has seen most of the Harry Potter covers. I ended up choosing the 1st monster of a book that I’ve read when I was about 17 years-old. The book I’ve chosen was Meet me Under the Ombu Tree by Santa Montefiore. I know that probably no one heard about this book or author but it’s one of my favorite books so I had to choose it.

Original Cover:

Meet Me Under the Ombu Tree

This is the original cover and I think that it’s beautiful because it really reminds of the book. Part of the book is in Argentine pampa and this cover is exactly what I would choose for a book like this. So yeah, I love it.

Cover from my Country (Portugal):


The first cover is the one that I have. It’s not the best cover but is also related with the book so it could have been worse. The second cover was release a few years later and every time I went to a bookshop when it was released I wanted to buy it because it’s a beautiful cover. Look at that colors. I had to had a lot of self-control to not buy this book again.

Favorite Covers:


As you may have imagine the original cover and one of the portuguese covers are my favorite. I love them and it reminds me of the book.

Least Favorite Covers:

least favorite

Let’s talk about these terrible covers. The first (the dutch cover) I don’t like because I don’t like the superposition of the images. The second one (Italy) is just bad. That cover doesn’t remind me of the book at all. Actually it looks like one of that cheap erotica book covers. No, no, I don’t like it. I don’t know what the designers had in their minds when they decided to use this cover. The only reason I don’t like the last one (Serbia) is because that is not a ombu tree. I know that there’s no ombu tree in the other covers but this one is the most noticeable. If I saw this I would think that the book occurred in Japan and not in Argentina.

So this is it, this week Book Traveling Thursdays. What did you think of these covers? Tell me in the comments 🙂 .

Top 10 Read Authors

Today I was trying to think what I should write about because I had no ideas. I could do a tag but I will be doing a lot of tags in the next weeks so I didn’t want to do it today. I decided that I could my Top 10 Read Authors. This list is going to be a little bit weird because I’m going to be talking about authors that I haven’t read in a few years but I’ve read a lot of books by these authors and they have to be in this list. So let’s start my top 10.

4 Books

Colleen Hoover

With the obsession I’ve been having with Colleen Hoover’s books, the probability of this number increase in the next few weeks is really, really high… trust me.

5 Books

Sarah Addison Allen

John Green

Gayle Forman

Jane Austen

What do I have to say about these authors? First of all, I don’t think I need to explain the Jane Austen thing. I’ve read all of her novels with the exception of Emma (I started the book but I didn’t like it so…) and I love all of them. The other three.. we are talking about authors that as soon as their books are out I will read them, except the Sarah Addison Allen books because I always wait to have them released in portuguese so they don’t mess my bookshelf. I want them to look well. Which reminds me, if you never read anything by Sarah Addison Allen you should. Her books always a little bit of magic and are amazing.

6 Books

Santa Montefiore

Have you ever heard about Meet me Under the Ombu Tree? It’s an amazing book. And what I like about Santa Montefiore’s books is that they can go from the main character childhood to his adulthood and I think that is amazing because you can see the characters development during the different stages of life.

7 Books

Lesley Pearse

I love that Lesley Pearse writes Historical Fiction Romance and I’ve tried to read all of her books that were released in Portugal. She writes amazing books and really big books… They scared me at first but I’m ok with that now

9 Books

Cassandra Clare

Nora Roberts

I think I don’t need to explain the Cassandra Clare thing. I love everything that has to do with the shadowhunters world and, obviously, I’ve read all of her books (Who’s excited with the new TV show?? I don’t know what to expect). About Nora Roberts. A thing you should know is that Nora Roberts is very popular in Portugal. Anyone who reads knows who she is. This means that I’ve read a few of her books when I was younger (but older than 18 =) ).

And the author I’ve read the most is with…

16 Books

Nicholas Sparks

I’m a hopeless romantic and I don’t care with what people say. As soon as Nicholas Sparks releases a book I will read it. I have to. That’s why I’ve read 16 of his books. I have one left and its the one he wrote with is brothers Three Weeks with my Brother. I really have to read it.

What about you? What are your Top 10 Read Authors?