RIP It or SHIP It! TV Edition


Hi guys! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day so what better time to do the RIP It or SHIP It Book Tag once again? This tag was created by emmmabooks and it’s my third time doing it. The last time I did it was a year ago (also around Valentine’s Day) but today I’m doing it with a twist. A few months ago Kat @ Life and Other Disasters did a TV edition of this tag (and by a few months ago I mean almost a year ago) and I liked the idea so much that I decided to do it myself. I just had to wait for the perfect time to do it XD. For this tag  you need to put characters names into a jar and pick two at random. After that you decide if you rip them or ship them. As I said, I’m doing a TV edition so these are the TV characters and not books even if most of these are some kind of adaptation. Pretty easy right? So let’s start it. Continue reading