NetGalley Approvals that Made me Feel Accomplished as Blogger


Hi guys! The other day I saw Cristina @My Tiny Obsessions talking about some NetGalley Approvals that made her feel accomplished as a blogger. After seeing her talking about that I thought it was a great idea and decided I wanted to do the same so here it is. Just like Cristina almost right after I started a book blog I signed to NetGalley right away and went crazy about it. So far I had 193 approvals and nowadays I know which books I’m going to get approved to and which ones I won’t. That doesn’t mean I won’t request the books I think I’m not going to get because I always have to try my luck :P. Some of those books are the ones I’m going to be talking about this post because I wasn’t expecting to be approved for any of these. So here are some NetGalley Approvals that Made me Feel Accomplished as a Blogger. Continue reading