Favorite Books of 2016… So Far


Hi guys! I know today is Top 5 Wednesdays day but I decided to skip this week because I don’t read spooky things so I have no idea which spooky settings I would like to read. Instead I’m doing something I wanted to do back in the Summer, my Favorite Books of 2016… So Far. I know it’s a weird time to do something like this because 2016 ends in about 2 months but I have loved so many books this years already that I decided to talk about some of those books already so I don’t have such a hard time choosing books in the end of December XD. This is still a pretty difficult post to write because I had a list of 25 books and had to narrow it for quite a lot. Because this list will have quite a few books I will leave you the links to the reviews so you can see if any of these interest you. If I was going to talk about each one of them I would be here a long time XD. But anyway, here are some of my favorite books of 2016 so far: Continue reading