The Unpopular Opinion Book Tag!

The Unpopular Opinion Book Tag

Hi guys! I was tagged by the lovely Analee @ Book Snacks to do the The Unpopular Opinion Book Tag so why not answering this today. Thank you so much Analee for tagging me. So let’s start this tag 🙂 . Continue reading

Disney Villain Book Tag


I was tagged by Kacie @ Kacie’s Bookshelf to do the Disney Villains Book Tag and because I love Disney I decided to answer it today. This tag was created by Chelsea Martin. Because I didn’t know what too choose for two of the categories I decided not to answer it. Let’s start it.

Maleficent: A book or book series in which there is an overwhelming sense of evil/doom


For this one I’m choosing the Throne of Glass series. I don’t know why but every time I’m reading it something evil happens in the book. So yeah, it was the obvious choice for me.

The Evil Queen (Snow White): A book or book series in which the villain tricks the hero


Do I need to explain this one? I’ve only read the first 5 books but every time, like every freaking time Voldemort manages to trick Harry.

Cruella de Vil: A book or book series in which the villain brings about their own demise


For this one I have to choose The Mortal Instruments series. And the reason I choose to put two covers? I needed because I’m talking about two different characters that are actually father and son. Everything that Valentine and Sebastian did led them to their demise, but mainly Valentine.  He’s the one to blame.

Ursula: A book or book series that left you speechless


Is anyone surprised with this? I love The Infernal Devices. Actually I love everything that Cassandra Clare does but I love this series a little bit more than The Mortal Instruments so I picked it .).

Jafar: A book or book series in which the villain almost wins


I was going to choose City of Heavenly Fire for this one but I’ve already used it and I don’t want to repeat myself a lot. Because of that I pick A Court of Throns and Roses. If you’ve read it you know that a lot happened in that last chapters. And I’m not talking about Rhys OK? I’m talking about Amarantha.

Hades: A book or book series in which you can’t help but love the villain


Another one that was really obvious for me: Warner from Shatter Me. I know he’s not really a villain but he was and I couldn’t think of any other villain that I loved.

Scar: A book or book series with familial betrayal

scar final

Once again I will have two pick for this category. For the first one I will only say one thing: Insurgent. WHY???? My second pick is Nathaniel Gray from The Infernal Devices. I don’t know how he could do such thing too his own sister.

Hans: A book or book series with a villain you didn’t see coming


I was going to say Nathaniel Gray but I used that one in the previous category. Instead of that option I decided to choose Maven from Red Queen. I was not expecting it, like never. I needed to take a little break when I found out.

So this is it. I will not tag anyone in particular to do this tag. I will tag everyone who wants to do it. If you decide to do it just tell me in the comments and consider yourself tagged :).

R.I.P. It or Ship It Book Tag

rip it or ship it

Hi guys! Today I’m doing the R.I.P. It or Ship It Book Tag. This tag was created by emmmabooks and I was tagged by Saba from BookMates. For this tag  you need to put characters names into a jar and pick two at random. After that you decide if you rip them or ship them. This is going to be a little hard to me because I love my ships and I don’t want to see them with other people but I’m going to try to forget that for the sake of this tag. So let’s start it.

Round 1

Katniss and Jace

I would probably ship them. I actually think that sometimes Katniss is similar to Clary so Jace would probably like her. I also think that Katniss needs someone a little bit stronger than Peeta (but I still love Peeta =) ). So yeah, I SHIP them.

Round 2

Hermione and Harry

This is one that can bring some discussion but Hermione and Harry would be great together and even J. K. Rowling agrees with that. I know that there will be someone who will not like this but I absolutely SHIP them. Hermione and Harry are made for each other.

Round 3

Isabelle and Edward

Imagine a girl like Isabelle with a guy like Edward… Are you able to do that?? NO, because Isabelle would never date with someone like Edward. Edward needs someone to take care and Isabelle is not one of that girls. I will RIP IT.

Round 4

Adam and Simon

I don’t like Adam and I love Simon so I don’t want Simon to have to deal with someone like Adam. I would RIP IT.

Round 5

Celeana and Sebastian

Celeana is such a badass character that I’m pretty sure that she would hate Sebastian and would kick is ass and kill him so let’s RIP IT.

Round 6

Clary and Alec

This could never happen, like NEVER. Alec would never steal his best friend’s girlfriend and I don’t think that they match att all. Let’s RIP IT.

Round 7

Will and Peeta

I love both characters (especially Will Herondale) but I can’t see them together. They would not match and Will deserves to be with me so I would RIP IT.

Round 8

Bella and Etienne

Bella is such a needy girlfriend that I don’t think that St. Clair would like her. And what would she do when he had is girlfriend??? Stupid things like always??? Probably. I would RIP IT.

Round 9

Anna and Jem

They would make such a cute couple. Jem is such a sensitive guy and I think that he and Anna would make a great couple. Let’s SHIP IT.

Round 10

Juliette and Chaol

I don’t know but I think that I would SHIP them together. Don’t ask me why. I just think that they would be great together. I SHIP IT.

Round 11

Magnus and Ron

Let me see… I don’t think that Ron would be able to handle Magnus’s awesomeness. Magnus is to sassy for Ron so I’m going to RIP IT.

Round 12

Dorian and Warner

I don’t think so. Warner needs to be with Juliette and no one else. Let’s RIP IT.

Round 13

Tessa and Voldemort

Oh yeah. Tessa and Voldemort sitting in a tree… NEVER. No one deserves someone like Voldemort (maybe Umbridge does but she got someone better, you will see it XD). Let’s RIP IT

Round 14

Tris and Four

Ups… this happened. Awkward. I think that this one is a no brainer at all so yeah, let’s SHIP IT

Round 15

Umbridge and President Snow

This one is the best ship ever. I would totally SHIP IT. They are both so despicable people that they would be great together. And they will only ruin one house.

So this is it. The R.I.P. It or Ship IT Book Tag. I will not tag anyone in particular but if you want to do this tag do it and tell me in the comments. I would love to see it.

T5W – Characters I Want to Drown

It’s that time of the week again when I bring you the Top 5 Wednesdays, created by gingerreadslainey. If you want to know how T5W works you can go to the Goodreads group by clicking here. This weeks theme is Top 5 Characters I Want to Drown.  Let’s start this list.

5. Tris Prior – Divergent

The truth is that I only want to drown the Tris that appears in Allegiant (and sometimes in Insurgent too). That girl makes so bad decisions in that book that I couldn’t handle it.

4. Richie – Eleanor & Park

If you don’t remember Richie is Eleanor step-father. The way he treated Eleanor and her family would normally get me mad and I wanted to drown him (and sometimes even worse).

3. Adam Kent – Shatter Me

I loved Adam in the first Shatter Me book but that took a turn when I started Unravel Me. His decisions and the way he treated Juliette. I wanted to pull my hairs every time I had to read anything that he said.

2. Bella Swan – Twilight Saga

Oh Bella. I hated how she was so dependent of Edward especially in New Moon. And the situations that she put herself in.

1. America Singer – The Selection

America Singer is the reason why I haven’t read The One yet. I actually liked her in the beginning of the first book but then she started making stupid decisions. And let’s not talk about the stupid love triangle. One chapter she loved Maxon and the other Aspen. Ugh… I just can’t deal with that and if I could I would drown her.

Characters I Want to Drown

This is it, the top 5 characters I want  to drown. Tell me, which characters have you included in your tops? Have you included any of these?

The Book Worm Tag

Today I decided to bring you a book tag. I was tagged by Warisha from WarishaReads to do the Book Worm tag so let’s do it. I’m not tagging anyone but if you want to do it you’re welcome.

1. If you could own one fictional person, animal or thing, what would it be?

Hedwig because I want to have an owl and because it’s Hedwig

2. What would be the best fictional world to live in and why?

Probably Hogwarts like almost everyone =)

3. If you could re-write the end of a book, what book would it be?

Right now Confess by Colleen Hoover. This book needs to have an Epilogue

4. What series did you love at first, but hate towards the end?

Divergent. Well, I didn’t hate Allegiant only a few parts of it

5.  What is you favorite movie/TV show soundtrack and book to movie or TV show adaptation?

I love The Hunger Games soundtrack. As favourite book to movie adaptation I have to say The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Are you surprised by thhis?? =)

6. What book did you not expect to love as much as you did?

Shatter Me. I loved it so much that I’ve read the three books in less than two weeks

7. If you had to burn one book, what book would it be?

I don’t want to say this because I love Jane Austen but, Emma. I can’t finish it and believe me I tried

8. If you had to kill two evil characters, who would they be?

Umbridge from Harry Potter and Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments

9. If you were stuck in Lotus Casino, from the Percy Jackson series, what two fictional characters would be your tag alongs?

I don’t know. Maybe Anna from Anna and the French Kiss and Juliette from Shatter Me??

10. Say you are going on a long trip…in a submarine! Reading’s going to be your main priority for this trip, so you decide to take a pile of books to keep you occupied. What books do you take?

New-adult contemporary or some YA fantasy books

11. What book has been on your wishlist for a while now?

The Diviners by Libba Bray

12. Who do you tag?

Everyone who wants to do it

So, this is it. If you want to do this tag do it. I’m excited to see all of your answers.


T5W – Most Frustrating Characters

Today I bring you Top 5 Wednesdays which was created by gingerreadslainey. If you want to know how T5W works you can go to the Goodreads group by clicking here. This weeks theme is Top 5 Most Frustrating Characters. While I knew for sure three of the characters that I want to put in this list I had a few problems to get the last two. But I did it. So let’s start it.

5. Tris Prior – Divergent Series

I loved Divergent and I loved Tris but there is one point that I getting so frustrated with her. She was always trying to get on fights with Four and doing stupid things and I got so mad at her. If you read Allegiant you know were her actions took her.

4. Jessamine Lovelace – The Infernal Devices

Jessamine, Jessamine, Jessamine. I didn’t like her, at all. She was always whining, complaining and to have everything in the way she wanted. I just didn´t like her.

3. America Singer – The Selection Series

I liked America in the beginning and she was going to be in The Selection to be able to help her family but her indecision was getting on my nerves. She had a prince who liked her and she liked him but then Aspen appeared and she was doubting again which one she loved. WHY?? Just choose Maxon already OK? (I didn’t read The One and probably that didi happen)

2. Amy and Nick Dunne – Gone Girl

Do I need to explain this? Amy does what she does just because she needs to have everything the way she wants and he just stays there? Nope. I didn’t understand that and it was so frustrating that in the end I was like I don’t care you both have twisted minds so just stay together… Ugh

1. Bella Swan – Twilight Saga

Don’t get me wrong. I loved Twilight but let’s be real. I think that Bella is going to be in most of top 5. You really needed to stay like that only because your boyfriend broke up with you and moved?? Really? Have you not heard about something called move on? It’s not like you couldn’t meet somebody else (cough* Jacob *cough).

Most Frustrating Characters

So this was my top 5 for Most Frustrating Characters. Who would you add to this list?

Completed Series


A few months ago I watched Katytastic’s video about her completed series. I decided that I wanted to know how many series I had completed. Something that you should know is that sometimes  I am terrible in completing series because I just decide to wait months/years to read the last book and then I just don´t want to read it anymore. So, let’s se how many series I have completed. If you want to know more about the books I talk here click in the image, it will take you to the Goodreads page (even if you clearly know about most of the books that I’m going to talk about =) ).

P.S.: I am not including short stories

The Mortal Instruments



The Infernal Devices


Divergent Series


Shatter Me Trilogy


The Hunger Games


Mara Dyer Trilogy


The Luxe Series


Hush, Hush Saga


The Syrena Legacy


The Twilight Saga


Eagle and Jaguar


I’m sorry that the Eagle and Jaguar covers are in portuguese. These are the editions I have and I like this covers more than the originals.

I also completed some contemporary books that I don´t know if I can call them series. They are more like companion books but I´m going to include them anyway.

Anna and the French Kiss


If I Stay 


Just One Day




In total I have completed 15 series which I think it’s not a bad number. I thought that I had completed less series. I will try to make a post about all the series that I have yet to finish this week.

How many series have you completed?