My Favorite OTP’s

Hi guys!! It’s Valentine’s Day so today is the perfect day to talk about some of my OTP’s either they’re from books or TV. I did this 2 or 3 years ago but back then I ended up splitting the list in different categories. There’s no time for that this year let’s talk about all of my OTP’s in one post only… meaning that it will be a long one so sorry in advance XD. Also, there are a lot of repeats from the past lists but what can I do? Once I love a couple it will normally last a long time. Anyway, here are my current OTP’s:

20. Miki and Yuu – Marmalade Boy

Resultado de imagem para miki yuu gif

If there’s something that will never change is my love for Miki and Yuu. I don’t care if no one who will read this post knows them but they are my babies and they will always be. Their relationship is hilarious and even gets deeper in season 2 when they have a long distance relationship. I just love these two a lot.

19. Charlie and Jamie – Queens of Geek

Charlie and Jamie are goals! Not only are they super adorable but they have known each other for their all lives… And do you know how relatable those two are? Especially Charlie. It’s impossible not to love them. Also, have I told you how adorable they are? XD

18. Kensi and Deeks – NCIS:Los Angeles

Resultado de imagem para kensi deeks gif

I haven’t watched NCIS: Los Angeles for a long time but once in a while I like to watch Densi videos on Youtube… why? Because they are the most adorable thing ever. Also, Daniela Ruah is portuguese and I like to support her. For example, I’m excited that she will be one of the presenters at Eurovision this year (and I’m so excited for it!!). Anyway, these two have a perfect chemistry and are a great couple so they had to be on this list.

17. Nate and Becca – Brooklynaire

Do you know how long I’ve waited for Nate and Becca’s book? A long time. You know why I waited for so long? Because from the first moment I read about them in the first Brooklyn Bruisers book that I knew they were meant to be and that they would have a beautiful story. I’m so happy that it finally happened because those two belong together.

16. Lily and Marshall – How I Met Your Mother

Resultado de imagem para lily marshall gif

This show might have ended a long time ago but if there’s something that no one will ever forget is Lily and Marshall’s amazing relationship. These two are goals and super adorable… also, they are the only thing that the writers didn’t ruin with that stupid last episode… just let me keep pretending that the last episode never happened.

15. Simon and Baz – Carry On

simon baz

What can I say about these two. I still love them even if I read this book a couple of years ago. I just want more about them!!. They are just so cute together. And Baz… oh Baz. You’re so cute and sassy and I love you.

14. Bellamy and Clarke – The 100

Resultado de imagem para clarke bellamy gif

Honestly, I still haven’t watched the last season of The 100 and I should really do it sometime soon but I still love these two and I want them together. Why are they not together already?? Is it that difficult? Anyone can see that they really care about each other. Also, these two need a break because everything bad happens to them.

13. Alec and Magnus – The Mortal Instruments

Resultado de imagem para malec gif

I’m won’t even talk about these two. They are my babies and I love them. Do I have to explain why these two are here?? Nope, right?? I do ignore the show so let’s just pretend that it doesn’t exist and let’s only think about the books okay? (even if I’m using gifs from the show and if I still watch the wedding scene regularly XD)

12. Wil and Amberle – The Shannara Chronicles

wil and amberle

Talking about these two still hurts a lot but I couldn’t ignore them because I love these two. I still sad about things (hence why I haven’t finished season 2 yet) but we all need to acknowledge how perfect they are together (btw Kat, sorry for opening old wounds… I know this won’t be easy for you XD)

11. Dean and Allie – The Score

If you haven’t read the Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy I don’t know what you’re doing with your life so you should go read it now. If you have read the series you already know Dean and Allie and how amazing they are. Those are goals and I just want them happy together for the rest of their lives with cute little babies. Now I’m thinking of Dean with baby Jamie and my heart is melting.

10. Jude and Zero- Hit the Floor

Resultado de imagem para jude zero gif

Remember how in the beginning of last year I had a huge obsession with Jude and Zero?? No?? Good for you because it was bad XD. Let’s just say that I watched three seasons of Hit the Floor mainly for these two because they were meant to be. Also, Jude is a precious baby and I’ll hurt anyone who tries to hurt him. However, I’m not happy that the show will come back without Zero.

9. Simon and Blue – Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

Resultado de imagem para love, simon gif

I’m so excited that Love, Simon is almost out. I can’t for the awesomeness that will be. I do have to wait until the end of June for the movie to be released in Portugal but let’s talk about happier things. For example, let’s talk about how adorable Simon and Blue are. Their e-mail exchange is full of cuteness and don’t even make me talk about when they meet for the “first time”. This book is full of cuteness overload and I’m sure the movie will be just like that.

8. Do Bong Soon and Ahn Min Hyuk – Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Resultado de imagem para bong soon min hyuk gif

Have you heard about my new obsession for everything korean?? No? Lucky you. I totally blame BTS for that but let’s be honest, it’s not like any of the guys is my OTP (well, me and Suga is my main OTP right now but who cares XD). Anyway, I started watching k-dramas a few weeks ago. I’m have only watched a couple of them but I’m obsessed with Strong Woman Do Bong SoonI love that show so much. One of my favorite things is to see Bong Soon and Min Hyuk together. They are so adorable!! Also, Min Hyuk is a precious baby and it’s impossible not to love him… even if he’s ridiculous sometimes.

7. Cath and Levi – Fangirl

cath levi

Some things never change and one of those things is my love for Cath and Levi. They are perfect together. I really don’t know what to say about these two. The only thing I can think is how cute they are especially when Cath is reading to Levi 😀 .

6. Eleanor and Jasper – The Royals

Resultado de imagem para jasper eleanor season 3 gif

Once again, I still haven’t finished the last season of The Royals but I still love these two a lot. One thing I don’t love it’s how much those writers love to hurt my babies. I just want them happy together because there was way too much heartbreak in their lives already.

5. Will and Tessa – The Infernal Devices

Is anyone surprised that these two are in this list?? No, right?? By now everyone should know how much I love Will Herondale and Tessa Gray. I haven’t talked a lot about them recently but they are still my babies and I love them very much. They are so perfect together and The Infernal Devices is one of my favorite series ever.

4. Liz and Max – Roswell

max and liz

And here’s another thing that never changes… my love for Liz and Max. If you never heard of Roswell you are missing a lot but anyway, the show is about aliens. You can imagine that this one of that forbidden love but Max and Liz are perfect together and I loved to see everything that they had to go through, even I’ still not happy about some things that happened (really Max?? Really?).

3. Cress and Captain Thorne – The Lunar Chronicles

cress and thorne

Oh look, another pick that won’t be a surprise to anyone because my love for Cresswell is well documented in this blog. Once again, I haven’t talked about these two that much but they are still very much in my heart. These two are so great together. Yeah it started a little bit weirdly because of Cress slighty obsession over Thorne but these two are just perfection. I don’t even know how to explain my feelings over them. I’m just leaving with this, Cress and Thorne are the cutest couple ever and I would read a book just about them 😀 .

2. Seth and Summer – The O.C.

summer seth

Who’s the cutest/quirkiest couple to ever exist in teen shows?? Seth and Summer. These two were just too cute and perfect together and that will never change. Also, it was great to see how they grew because of each other. These two are like relationship goals. I really need to rewatch The OC… I miss these two.

1. Feyre and Rhys – A Court of Thorns and Roses

Resultado de imagem para feyre rhys

I know… a lot of people don’t like these two. However, I do love them and that’s why they are one of my main OTP’s. It’s true that Rhys wasn’t the greatest person in the first book, but let’s be honest, he did had his reasons to do what he did. He also did a lot for Feyre in the next books and he really helped. She also helped him a lot and that’s why I love their relationship so much, because they got better together.

These are my Favorite OTPs at the moment. Do you agree with any of these? Which couples would you include in your top??

10 thoughts on “My Favorite OTP’s

  1. Agreed with sooooo many of your choices. Definitely Feyre & Rhysand! ❤ Oh, the paint and soup!
    As for Malec: all the love in the world. Seriously. I looooove them AND the show, to be honest. Loathe the movie; that one's so bad.. Although I do like the Clary-actress better in the movie than in the show but that's me.

    I really need to get my hands on a copy of Simon vs. :/


  2. I legit had to hold back tears when I saw Amberle and Wil. I am so mad at them … they cancelled it and I haven’t even finished the season, but I am pretty sure it didn’t have a good ending and ugh … #forevermad
    Also, the 100 is regularly killing me and I am very anxious about the new season. But you need to catch up so you can understand why I love Murphy, cause you still think I am crazy for loving him ahhaha


  3. CRESS AND THORNE ❤️❤️❤️ Hands down the best ship in the whole series. Their scenes in Winter… I can’t even describe the feels!
    And YES join the kdrama cult it’s a great place to be! Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is an amazing drama mostly because Min Hyuk and Bong Soon are just so cute in every scene. My favourite kdrama OTP would still have to be the one in Splash Splash Love though. Young king falls in live with a time traveling cross dressing school girl… it’s weird but it works! What other dramas have you seen?


  4. Yaasss girl. Feyre and Rhysand are the ultimate OTP and I will stand by yourself screaming it. They forever give me the feels, also Will and Tessa. I share so many of these with you, SETH AND SUMMER though?! I’m screaming because I haven’t watched The OC in years and I forget about my love for them and then this reminded me and I miss them so much.


  5. Ahhh what an amazing list, I don’t even know where to start ahah. I love Lily and Marshall so much, they are couple goals and thank God they didn’t ruin them in that last episode, like they ruined everything else…. uuuuuuuugh I am forever mad about that haha.
    Jaspenor ❤ I miss this show, so, SO much ❤


  6. I SO AGREE WITH YOU ON MANY OTP’S….. Do Bong Soon and Minhyuk are the cutest, I fell I to the kpop world mostly due to BTS too, so nice to find another kpop and especially kdramas lover, basically all things Korean are goals😍 and Feyre and Rhysand…… Soooo in love with them two and many of the other ones I totally am on the same page as you😍🎉


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