Hot Shot (Last Shot #2) by Kelly Jamieson – eARC Review

Hot Shot (Last Shot, #2)Publication Date:

May 16th 2017



Goodreads Synopsis:

A former Navy SEAL and current bad boy bar owner learns to trust a free spirit in this steamy novel of unexpected romance from the bestselling author of Body Shot and the Heller Brothers series.

Marco Solis knows that if he gets too close to people they disappear. His parents were deported back to Mexico when he was fourteen, his fiancée married someone else while he was in the military, and now his business partner’s spending more time with his girl than with Marco. For better or worse, that’s how Marco meets Carrie Garner. She’s legitimately model-hot. She’s also a nut—a wild, artsy, unapproachable nut. So why is Marco so interested in cracking her shell?

Although Carrie Garner is a natural in front of the camera, her dream is to make it as a photographer. Soon she’ll be heading to Spain for design school, and she’ll miss her best friend, Hayden, like crazy. She’ll even miss Hayden’s boyfriend, Beck—but she won’t miss Beck’s partner, Marco. Bossy, brooding, and annoyingly sexy, Marco really pushes her buttons, though he obviously wouldn’t mind pushing her buttons in an up-against-the-wall, hard-and-fast kind of way. The craziest part is, if Carrie lets him do that, well . . . she may never want to leave.


*I was provided a copy by the publisher from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Once again this was a buddy read with Cristina @ My Tiny Obsessions so go check her blog on the next couple of days to read her thoughts about this book :).

As you might know I already read a few of Kelly Jamieson’s books. Actually, I ready one of her books a few weeks ago and I loved it so I was super excited to read this one (I’m also super excited to read the other ARC I have waiting for me :P). Being that I haven’t read the first book in this series I didn’t know what to expect but I ended up loving Hot Shot. It also helps that it has the “enemies turned lovers” trope because I love when that happens.

I loved the characters in this book. Carrie and Marco were amazing. I loved how different and similar they were to each other. First we have Carrie. She’s this hard-working girl but still thinks she’s not enough for her family since they are all overachievers. However, she’s such a great girl. She does everything for her family and friends but she still has her doubts. I loved to see her grow and become a confident woman who knows she can do anything. Marco, just like Carrie, is really hard-working and does everything for his friends (who are his family). He has had a rough life which makes him not believe in happy endings but seeing him with Carrie warmed my heart so much. I loved how much they helped each other with their problems. However, it would have been better if they had talked about some things. Don’t get me wrong! One of the things I loved in their relationship was how honest they were with each other about their lives and their past but everything would have been easier if they have told how they felt for each other. Also, they had a great chemistry and that helped a lot XD.

One of the things I love about Kelly Jamieson’s books is the way she includes friends and family in her stories. I love how she shows how important those characters are in the main characters lives and that is one of my favorite things in her books since not every author does the same. That is something she did in this book. I loved how important Hayden and Carrie’s family were to her. I especially loved Julia and she’s a sweet cinnamon roll. I also loved the bond Marco has with his best-friends, Beck and Cade. For me it’s amazing when a romance book is not only about romance but also about friendship and family and Kelly Jamieson does that perfectly.

Once again, I really enjoyed the writing. While the third person POV is still not my favorite I’m getting used to it in Kelly’s books because she does it in an awesome way. Unlike Dancing in the RainHot Shot was a fast read and flew really easily even with the third person. I also love that her books are in a dual POV and that the main characters have distinct voices. I really want to read the first book in this series, Body Shot, now because I absolutely adored Hayden and Beck (also, Hayden is a science girl and that makes me love her even more). I also can’t wait to read Cade’s book because that guy is too mysterious.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I loved to see Carrie and Marco together and how they grew so much together. I also loved their bonds with their friends and family. I was a really good book and if you love romances you should definitely read this one.


Have you read this book? If so, what did you think about it? If you haven’t read it would you read it?

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