8 Reasons Why you Should (or Shouldn’t) Watch 13 Reasons Why

Hi Guys! Today I’m bringing you something I normally don’t do on this blog… I’m going to talk about TV shows. Well, one TV show in particular. If you haven’t been living under a rock the past few weeks you probably already heard about 13 Reasons Why

– After a teenage girl’s perplexing suicide, a classmate receives a series of tapes that unravel the mystery of her tragic choice. –

If you don’t know, 13 Reasons Why is a book that was recently adapted to a TV show and released on Netflix and it has been taking the world by a storm which I think is awesome because this is a really important show to watch. Anyway, today I decided to talk about 8 Reasons Why you Should (or Shouldn’t) Watch 13 Reasons Why.

1. The cast

Guys, this cast is perfection. First of all, they really bonded with each other and I love when that happens. They keep posting pictures together and supporting each other. It’s so amazing to see that happening. However, what I love the most about this cast is how into this show they were. They did everything to play their roles right getting to the point where some of them worked with therapists so they could have a realistic portrayal of whatever was happening to their characters. I just loved their performances in every single episode and they all did an amazing job.

2. Clay and Tony are sweet cinnamon rolls who should be protected at all cost

Meet Clay and Tony:

They are amazing and I love them. I’ll riot if anyone hurts my babies… just kidding. Well, not really because the show already hurt a few of my babies and I can’t deal with those things anymore. I did love Clay and Tony and I especially loved Clay and Tony together. They were just so cute. I loved their friendship, and how Tony always knew when Clay needed him even when Clay said he was an “unhelpful Yoda”. They were adorable and I want to see more from them.

3. The soundtrack

There’s not a lot I need to say about this. The soundtrack is amazing and I’m kind of obsessed. They did a great job choosing the songs for this show because it really fits the story. I especially love The Night We Met by Lord Huron. It’s the best song in the soundtrack and it has a huge meaning in the show which makes me love it even more.

4. It’s better than the book

If you read the book and didn’t like it that much I still think you should give this a try because the show is way better than the book for a lot of different reasons. I read the book years ago and I remember to enjoying it but the true is that I don’t remember a lot more about it. However I know a lot of the things that were changed and I like those changes. First of all, while the book is set in only one night the show is set in the span of a few weeks and I think it makes everything better. I know a lot of people complain because Clay took a long time to listen to the tapes but first of all, that was explains. Secondly, it works for the show because it allows to more character development since not everything happens in the same night.

Resultado de imagem para 13 reasons why clay

Another change is that unlike the book where we learn everything from Clay’s POV or the tapes in the show we can see what happened through more perspectives. That help us to get to know other characters and it also allows us to get to know more about some of the parents, especially Hannah’s parents, and how that impacted them too.

Resultado de imagem para 13 reasons why clay

It also shows us how the other characters deal with her suicide and with the things they did to her. Having so many POV’s makes the story deeper because we can see how it affects everyone.

You can see what I’m talking about. They also made some changes in the plot so it could cause more impact and they achieved that. I just think those changes made the show better and it spread the message in a different way to get people to talk about it because let’s be honest, these are things that should be talked about since we’re talking about stuff that, unfortunately, happens daily all around the world.

5. It deals with heavy topics

If you know anything about the show you already know it deals with some heavy stuff like bullying, rape, suicide between other things and because of that it isn’t for everyone. It’s a show full of heavy topics and it’s made so brilliantly that it makes it even better (even in the most difficult times).

6. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking and raw

This is one of those shows that makes you go through every single emotion. As I said before, the show itself is brilliant.  Not only has a deep story but it’s also filmed in a way that causes more impact. That means it’s more intense and raw than what everyone was expecting. It also means that all the more emotional scenes end up being more heartbreaking. It’s also quite graphic at some points and there are scenes I couldn’t watch because of that but, as I said, it’s something that had to be done to cause more impact because these are things that need to be addressed. These are things that happen to people. These are also things that could be avoided sometimes because sometimes we might say stupid things without realizing it and without knowing if it could hurt someone else. This leads me to…

Resultado de imagem para 13 reasons why clay

7. It makes you think about things

Like I said before, 13 Reasons Why was filmed in a way that would cause more impacted to make viewers think about those things and it worked. I finished the show almost 2 weeks ago and after that I start to noticing some things I didn’t before. Sometimes we joke with things that might hurt other people and I never thought about some of those things until now.

Resultado de imagem para 13 reasons why clay

Do I say those things to be mean? No, but does that mean it wouldn’t hurt other people? Also no. A few days ago I read an article where it said Hannah overreacted about some of the things that happened to her and you know what I think?? THAT’S BULLSHIT. I probably wouldn’t think that way before but the true is that those things ended up hurting her, even small things, and those things with other more serious things led to her suicide. Do I think that suicide was Hannah’s only way out? I don’t but the true is that a lot of people think of that as the only way out and unfortunately it happens a lot more than it should.

Resultado de imagem para 13 reasons why clay

In the end, I think that people should watch this show because it shows us things we probably didn’t see before and it makes you think about things you might have done in the past or things you sometimes hear either is in a movie, TV show or even real life. However…

8. It’s isn’t for everyone

Here’s the thing, I love 13 Reasons Why and I think it’s a show that could help a lot of people but I also think a lot of people shouldn’t watch it. First of all, the show talks and shows a lot of heavy stuff like rape and suicide. Obviously not everyone feels comfortable with those topics for a lot of different reasons and if you’re one of those people you shouldn’t watch this show because, as I said before, it is brilliant but it’s also cruel, quite graphic and real. The show itself has trigger warnings but sometimes those are not enough. So if you feel like this isn’t the show for you or would trigger something don’t watch it just for the sake of watching it because your safety is more important than some TV show.

Here are some reasons why you should or shouldn’t watch 13 Reasons Why. I might have rambled a lot about it on this post but I need to take all of this from my mind. I’ve been thinking about this show way too much. Right now I just hope that the show gets renewed because there are a lot more stories to tell and a lot of things left open. If you want to read more about the show you should definitely read Kat’s take on the show HERE. Everything she said was spot on. Anyway, have you seen 13 Reasons Why? What did you think about it? Leave your comments below so we can talk about it.

10 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why you Should (or Shouldn’t) Watch 13 Reasons Why

  1. I totally agree that the show is better than the book! I read the book around four years ago and I did not like it at all. Tbh, I was sort of bothered when the show first came out and everyone was singing praises of it. I finally decided to watch it just this weekend and I’m glad I did, because it definitely redeemed 13 reasons why for me. I’m only on episode 4 right now, but I’m already deeply moved by the show. And I also think the cast is perfect!! I don’t know much about their off-screen relationships, but I’m glad to know that they are friends IRL.


  2. I love this post! I am currently on episode 6 but I am taking it slow as it is quite heavy and triggering! But I really like the show so far and the way it is built and how it portays all these heavy themes. It is quite graphic and shocking at times but it’s so well done and a lot of people can learn from it!
    And I am in love with their cast! I am practically obsessed and stalk their Instagrams all the time! And Tony is my baby ❤


  3. I loved it. Tony was definitely my favorite!! It’s definitely not something that you want to jump right into if you don’t know what to expect though but at least they included the content warnings so you know which episodes you’re about to watch


  4. Great post, Cátia! I know we talked about that show A LOT but it is never enough. I think it will haunt us for a long while. I am really optimistic for a second season though, from what I hear it is THE Netflix hit. Literally everyone talks about it, even if they would never watch it. Also, thanks for the shoutout ❤


  5. I remember reading the book when it first came out and being unable to put it down. It was such an intense read, so I was stoked to find out about the TV show.
    There are many positive and also negatives sides to this show but it certainly got under my skin. It’s most defintely not easy to watch but it’s good that someone had the guts to take on the subject. So many important matters are tackled and I really hope it raises awareness. 🙂


  6. I never read the book but I really enjoyed the show! It actually helped me through a lot of my own things – it was hard to watch but it helped. I was a crying mess by the end of it (and I watched it twice so I was a mess two times). It’s not perfect in the way it handles some of the harder topics, but I think it does a decent job! They kind of needed better warnings though for the people that needed them :/ Great post!

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook


  7. Hello! So I binge watched this show, and I was really disappointed by the ending? I mean there were so many loose ends! The rest of the show is fantastic and really good and I watched the whole thing in one day, staying up till 6 AM (that’s when you know you’re obsessed) but the ending just ruined it for me.


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