NetGalley Approvals that Made me Feel Accomplished as Blogger


Hi guys! The other day I saw Cristina @My Tiny Obsessions talking about some NetGalley Approvals that made her feel accomplished as a blogger. After seeing her talking about that I thought it was a great idea and decided I wanted to do the same so here it is. Just like Cristina almost right after I started a book blog I signed to NetGalley right away and went crazy about it. So far I had 193 approvals and nowadays I know which books I’m going to get approved to and which ones I won’t. That doesn’t mean I won’t request the books I think I’m not going to get because I always have to try my luck :P. Some of those books are the ones I’m going to be talking about this post because I wasn’t expecting to be approved for any of these. So here are some NetGalley Approvals that Made me Feel Accomplished as a Blogger.netgalley-approvals

cover64485-medium Everything, Everything was one of the first books I was approved on NetGalley and I wasn’t expecting to get it. At that point everyone was talking about it, the book had been a huge success at BEA and everyone wanted an ARC so I thought that I had 0% chances since I was so new to blogging. Well, you can’t imagine how surprised I was when I got an email telling me my request had been approved :D.


riley-redgateLast year there was a point when everyone was talking about Seven Ways we Lie so as soon as I saw the book on NetGalley I requested it thinking my request would never be approved. I ended up getting it and loving it. A few weeks ago I saw Riley Redgate’s new book, Noteworthy available for request and one again I got it. I’m excited for this one because I keep hearing amazing things about it.


kiersten-whiteAnd I Darken was another one of those books that everyone was talking about last year. At that  point I had never read one of Kiersten White’s books but I really loved the blurb and I requested this books as soon as I saw it on NetGalley. You can’t imagine how happy I was to get this book . I was so excited and let me tell you, this books ended up being one of my favorite reads of 2016. Recently I also requested the second book of the series, Now I Rise and I’m so happy my request was also approved for this one :D.

cover98900-mediumBy now I’m sure most of you know about my love for The Lunar Chronicles and everything Marissa Meyer does. Because of that Heartless was one of my most anticipated 2016 reads and as soon as I saw it on NetGalley I requested it even knowing that there were little chances I was going to get this book. Well, the odds were on my favor and for some reason I got it. This has to be one of those approvals that made me feel more accomplished as a blogger.


goodbye-daysI haven’t read Jeff Zentner’s previous book but Kat keeps raving about it and I’ve been super excited for Goodbye Days since I heard about it. I ended up requesting this book twice, one from the US publisher and the other from the UK, expecting none of my requests would be approved. Well, surprise surprise, I now have two ARC’s of Goodbye Days because both my requests were approved. Good thing I can use the same review on both XD.

These were some of the NetGalley Approvals that made me feel accomplished as a blogger. As you can see I didn’t talk about all the books I showed up at first but I’m with a lack of time and this would become a big post :P. But tell me, which books made you feel really accomplished as a blogger when you finally got an ARC?

14 thoughts on “NetGalley Approvals that Made me Feel Accomplished as Blogger

  1. I’ve just started requesting books but I am wondering, if you do get approved for a book it’s sent to you and you have to mention in your review that you got an ARC from NetGalley, right? But they also have a few books you can download without having to request it first,do you have to mention that you got that one as well (in exchange for an honest review)?


  2. We read completely different types of books but I like the idea of this post, I may have to do a copy cat (I’ll give ya credit ofc)! But I totally get what you mean about being approved for certain books and feeling accomplished!


  3. I love that feeling when you’ve been looking forward to reading a book and you don’t expect to get accepted but it happens anyway! I remember when I got accepted for Holding Up The Universe and I was soooo happy! I completely did not expect it since I was only getting started on reviewing.


  4. I haven’t been sent any ARCs yet but I was so surprised and happy when an author emailed and asked me if I wanted a copy of his book to read and review. I’m also so glad I loved his book as it made it fun to review!


  5. #goals! But seriously, that’s awesome to hear. And by the way, just to add to the amazing things you’ve already heard, Noteworthy rocked my world in such a good way.


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