RIP It or SHIP It! TV Edition


Hi guys! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day so what better time to do the RIP It or SHIP It Book Tag once again? This tag was created by emmmabooks and it’s my third time doing it. The last time I did it was a year ago (also around Valentine’s Day) but today I’m doing it with a twist. A few months ago Kat @ Life and Other Disasters did a TV edition of this tag (and by a few months ago I mean almost a year ago) and I liked the idea so much that I decided to do it myself. I just had to wait for the perfect time to do it XD. For this tag  you need to put characters names into a jar and pick two at random. After that you decide if you rip them or ship them. As I said, I’m doing a TV edition so these are the TV characters and not books even if most of these are some kind of adaptation. Pretty easy right? So let’s start it.

Round 1


Okay… Let’s just start this with a bang because now I can’t stop seeing Ravi and Clara together. This is the best ship ever. They are both quirky and funny and they would be amazing together. Just imagine it. Also, Ravi deserves an amazing girl next to him and Clara would be perfect for it. I 100% SHIP this!

Round 2


I know this is only round 2 but things are going well right now. Can this happen please?? Because who wouldn’t love two badass girls together, supporting each other in everything?? This would be just amazing!! I SHIP IT!

Round 3


NO! This wouldn’t be good at all. First of all, Zero belongs to one person and one person only and that’s Jude. No one messes with Zude or I won’t be happy.  Secondly, these two already tried something and the only thing that came from that was a lot of scheming so NO. Let’s just RIP it and forget this happened.

(Told you it wouldn’t work between them XD)

Round 4


I know I said this already before, but can this happen please?? Both of them need to be happy and I think they could make each other happy. Also, they both went through so much stuff that I’m pretty sure they would help each other overcome their past. Yep, I SHIP it!

Round 5


I feel bad for shipping Bellamy and Clarke with other people because Bellarke is endgame and I need those two together but in an alternative world where Bellamy never met Clarke I would totally ship him with Liv. For some reason I could see that happening. There’s always the problem with Liv being a zombie but, you know, Bellamy went through worse things in his life so he could deal with that. I SHIP it!

Round 6


OMG! NO!!! THIS IS JUST WRONG!! First of all, Eleanor belongs to Jasper and no one else. I’m incapable of shipping her with anyone else. But there’s also something way more important than that. THEY ARE TWINS! Do you know how wrong it would be to ship Eleanor with Liam? I need to delete this image from my brain right now and forget this ever happened. Let’s RIP it already.

Round 7


I just love when this happens! YES, YES and YES! I’ve wanted this to happen the whole season of The Shannara Chronicles and I still want this to happen (even if things aren’t looking that good for these two… especially Amberle). So yeas, I 100% SHIP them and everyone who watches that show should do the same 😛

Round 8


First of all, I LOVE Stiles. I want everything good to happen to him and I want him to be happy. Secondly, I LOVE Veronica. My recent obsession for Riverdale is mostly because of her and Betty and I just love those two. I also can see some bits of Lydia in Veronica. She’s one of those girls who cares about her friends before anything else and she’s also sassy as hell so yeah, I SHIP her with Stiles because Stiles needs someone like her in his life.

Round 9


Oh no! Let me get this straight, both Alec and Jude are my little cinnamon rolls. I just want to protect them from everything bad there’s out there in the world but I can’t see this happening. It’s just too weird. Nope, it wouldn’t work at all. It doesn’t help that for me there’s only one person in the world for Alec and only one person in the world for Jude. No one gets between Malec or Zude or I won’t be happy. Don’t mess up with my babies okay?

Round 10


Nope! I can’t see this happening. They are just too different of each other. Octavia went through a lot of stuff recently that changed her completely. She just lost one of the most important people of her life and I don’t think she’s ready to a relationship right now. There’s also the fact that Jasper belongs to one person only and while his relationship with Eleanor hasn’t been easy I still believe they will have their happy ending and when that day comes I’ll be super happy. So yeah, let’s just RIP it.

Round 11


Only if this was Betty and Veronica because let’s be honest, right now I ship those two more than anyone else in the show! Please, just let that happen. If it doesn’t happen, please don’t ruin their friendship with stupid things because we’re in dire need in female friendships on TV. However, I can’t ship Betty with Cheryl at all. There’s just too much between them and it wouldn’t work. However, I do want to see these two becoming friends. So let’s RIP it for the relationship. I would still ship these two as friends anyway… if Cheryl changes a few things in herself.

So this is it. The RIP It or SHIP IT! TV Edition Tag. I will not tag anyone in particular but if you want to do this tag do it and tell me in the comments. I would love to see it.

11 thoughts on “RIP It or SHIP It! TV Edition

  1. I don’t watch a lot of these shows but you did introduce me to a lot of shows that I’ve never heard of before! Great answers though, I agree Raven and Derek they would be perfect together.


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