Guardian of Secrets (Library Jumpers #2) by Brenda Drake – eARC Review

Guardian of Secrets (Library Jumpers, #2)Publication Date:

February 7th, 2017


Entangled: Teen

Goodreads Synopsis:

Being a Sentinel isn’t all fairytales and secret gardens.

Sure, jumping through books into the world’s most beautiful libraries to protect humans from mystical creatures is awesome. No one knows that better than Gia Kearns, but she could do without the part where people are always trying to kill her. Oh, and the fact that Pop and her had to move away from her friends and life as she knew it.

And if that isn’t enough, her boyfriend, Arik, is acting strangely. Like, maybe she should be calling him “ex,” since he’s so into another girl. But she doesn’t have time to be mad or even jealous, because someone has to save the world from the upcoming apocalypse, and it looks like that’s going to be Gia.

Maybe. If she survives.


*I was provided a eARC by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

As you might know I’ve been in a romance kick but I’m trying to read more fantasy in 2017 so why not start with a book I’ve been waiting for a year? Last year  I read Thief of Lies the first book in the Library Jumpers series and I loved it so I was really excited for this one. Guess what? I loved this one even more.

First of all, I still love the fact that this is basically about people who jump through libraries. That’s the dream and I love it. Once again, I loved the world building in this book. I already really enjoyed it in the first book but we keep learning new things about this world and it’s amazing. To be honest, because I read the first book over a year ago, I was a little bit lost in the beginning but everything started coming back to me due to the way Brenda Drake writes so it really helped me a lot. I don’t want to say a lot about what happened because it could have spoilers about book 1 but let me just tell you I loved it.  I could try to explain to you more about this book and the world it’s a complex world and it would take a long time to explain it. I would also mess everything out and in the end we would end up all confused so it’s better if you read the series :P.

Gia was still amazing. There was a point where she couldn’t stop thinking about something that happened between her and Arik and how heartbroken she was but we’re talking about a 16 year-old so I forgave her about it. I loved that Bastien was featured even more in Guardian of Secrets. I loved him and I wouldn’t mind to see even more from him but I’m still not sure I trust him. Then there’s Arik and I just have to say that I miss Arik because the Arik in this book is not the one I know. While everything is explained I still wanted to see more of “him”. And btw, in case you haven’t noticed it, there’s a love triangle. I normally don’t like love triangles because normally you can see with whom the main character will end up and it’s normally used just to add more drama. Well, I have no idea who Gia will choose. I know with whom  she is now and I know who I want her to be with (even if it’s a close race) but I have no idea how this will end (even if I think one of them might die). But anyway, once again I loved almost every character in this book. While this is told just from Gia’s POV you still can get the sense about all the other characters and there are so many to love. This is one of the best things in this book, this and the fact that family and friendship is what matters.

Overall, this was a great follow-up for Thief of Lies and I loved it. I can’t wait to read the third book and to see what’s about to come in Gia’s journey because let’s be honest, things are not looking good for her and her friends right now.


4.5 stars

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think about it? If you haven’t read it would you read it?

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