2017 New Adult Reading Challenge Twitter Chat


Hi guys! As you might know in 2017 I’ll be hosting the 2017 New Adult Reading Challenge and when I first announced it I said I would try to do a few Twitter Chats so we could all talk about our progress in the challenge and also help each either with some book recommendations or even other things. So today I’m here to announce that the first Twitter chat will be happening next saturday, January 28th, at 9 pm GMT (4 pm EST) and I really hope you guys can show up so we can have an amazing conversation about everything we love in new adult. The Twitter chat will be happening on my Twitter account and we’ll be using the hashtag #NAReads2017 so we can see what everyone is saying and reading. As in every Twitter chat we’ll start by introducing each other and then I’ll have a few questions so we can talk and discuss some things. If you have any question suggestions you would be like to see in the chat let me know in the comments.

Also, I didn’t talk about this on my announcement post but I also created a Goodreads group that is all about this challenge and so we can talk throughout the year. If you want to join you just have to click HERE.

This is all I had to say today. I hope to see some of you in the Twitter chat on saturday so we can gush a lot about new adult and some of our favorite books :D.

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