January TBR


Hi guys! Because it’s the start of January it’s time to share with you my January TBR. I did pretty well on my December TBR and managed to read most of the books so I’m going to include only a small number of books again. Once again, most of these reads are ARCs and will be buddy reads with Cristina @ My Tiny Obsessions. I’m also pretty excited about some of these books… I’m looking at you Good Boy. I’m also re-reading Ugly Love so I can expect a great reading month. But anyway, here’s my January TBR:


These are some of the books I’m planning on reading during the month of January. Let’s hope I’ll do well this month. We’ll see what I’ll end up reading on my January Wrap-up.

What about you? Which books are you planning on reading during this month?

22 thoughts on “January TBR

  1. Your list looks great! I might have to check out some of these books myself. I WISH I was organized enough to have a TBR for the month, maybe I should start that! For the most part, I just scroll down my kindle books and keep reading synopsises (or looking at covers) until one fits my mood. I’m a mood reader (I just made up that term because why not), so my mood is directly correlated to what I want to read. But maybe I should give planning it out ahead a shot!


  2. A Monster Calls will leave you sobbing, as people have already said! If you get the chance to see it, the film is absolutely incredible as well and was written by Patrick Ness, so it’s very accurate to the book! Making TBRs smaller is definitely a good idea and something I’m trying to do as well!


  3. Heyyyy, I am also planning to read A Monster Calls in January! Hoping to start it tonight after I read the new Black Panther comic, actually. The movie comes out in just a few days here and I am soooo excited, it looks amazing and also like something that’ll probably make me cry!


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