Beyond the Books #6

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Hi guys! It’s the end of the month which means it’s time for my new monthly feature Beyond the Books where I talk about all the random things I’ve been watching or loving during that month. It’s the end of December… YEP. 2016 is coming to an end and let’s just hope 2017 is better because let’s all agree that a lot of shitty things happened in 2016. In December I had a decent good month in terms of TV shows and movies. This was a extremely busy month but I still managed to do a few funny things. Also, December is Christmas time and I just love Christmas. It’s also my birthday month. Actually, the day this post will go up my birthday already passed so yeah to being a year older and still sucking at adulting XD. I have a few things I loved during the month of December so I’ll have a lot to talk about once again. But let’s see what I’ve been watching and listening to.

tv shows

 The Voice Portugal


Once again, I’m still watching The Voice Portugal. Actually, I’m writing this post on Christmas Day and the final is airing right now so I’m excited to see who will win and if it’s my favorite that wins. The good thing about this season is that everyone in the final are so talented that they all deserve to win.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

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Gilmore Girls is back… and I still have two of the four episodes left to watch XD. I haven’t had a lot of time to watch anything the past few months and it doesn’t help that each episode has 90 minutes. That’s a damn long time. I’m still loving it anyway and I hope to watch the last two episodes in January because I need to know what happens next.


Pride & Prejudice

Fun fact about me: I LOVE everything Jane Austen… well, not everything. I do hate the book Emma but nobody’s perfect. The other day I was going to bed and guess what was on? Pride & Prejudice (the 2005 movie) so I obviously had to watch it because I love that movie and this is actually one of my favorite Jane Austen novels (sorry, Persuasion will always have my heart). It was good to rewatch it :D.


As I said before, I’m writing this post on Christmas day and let me tell you, until today I had only watched one movie this month but that changed today because there was a channel airing a lot of Disney movies today and that made my day. So far I watched a few snippets of DumboBambi and Hercules but I also watched a couple of movies. Cinderella was the first one. To be honest. this is not one of my favorite Disney movies but I still really liked which is not a surprise because this is not the first time I see this movie.


Cinderella might not be one of my favorite Disney movies but guess which one is one of my favorites? If you said Pocahontas you are absolutely right. I haven’t watched this one for so many years so I was really happy to re-watch it a sing-along with Pocahontas and everyone else. That movie just made my day.


It’s December so I mostly listened to Cristmas songs this month. I’ve been singing to Christmas songs since August so it was time to listen to some songs too. I also listened to other songs I might have gotten obsessed with and I might have gotten a little bit over excited the day Taylor Swift released a new song. Anyway, here are some songs I’ve been obsessing with in December:

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever Zayn featuring Taylor Swift 

Bad Things  Machine Gun Kelly featuring Camila Cabello

Dancing On My Own – Callum Scott

Levitate – Imagine Dragons

Starboy – The Weeknd

Also, Christmas is over but here’s a Christmas playlist if you want to keep listening to Christmas songs:


Disney in Concert

If there’s one thing I love is Disney songs and last year there was a show in December, called Disney in Concert, that wanted to go to but I ended up not being able to. This is basically a show where we have an orchestra playing Disney songs and we also have some singers. Basically is perfection for anyone who loves Disney. Luckily the show happened again this year and I didn’t miss it this time. The show was in the beginning of the year and I LOVED it. It was so amazing. I sang a lot the whole show. I just hope they come back next year because I wouldn’t to watch it again. I’m just leaving here a couple of videos. None of this was recorded by me or is in the actual show I was on but you get the gist of it.

Tom & Gi Fletcher’s Vlogmas

As you might know I love Youtube. I spend a lot of time watching to Youtube videos. Another two things I love are Vlogmas and McFly. This leads to one (technically two) of my favorite things of December: Tom and Gi Fletcher’s Vlogmas videos. Since I got a job a few months ago I don’t have as much time for Youtube videos as I had before so, as much as I love to watch Vlogmas videos, I had to limit myself to only a few Vlogmas videos to watch. I love Tom and Gi and I have loved their Youtube channels for a long time. These two have the cutest videos ever. You can choose it: Tom’s wedding speech, Buzz laughing because of a dandelion, the adorable pregnancy announcements (here and here) or even the songs Tom wrote and released the times his kids were born (here and here). They just have it all. They also have the cutest little family and they are super talented so every morning before I left to work I watched their Vlogmas videos and I loved it.

Here’s what I’ve been doing Beyond the Books during December. I’ll be back next month to see with I ended up doing in the first month of 2017. If you like any of the things that I’ve talked about don’t forget to comment too so we can fangirl about it :D. And if you have any recommendation don’t forget to tell me in the comments.


15 thoughts on “Beyond the Books #6

  1. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever is one of my favorite songs of the year, and I am not just saying that because I am a big Swiftie! This song is just pure perfection. I would probably watch the movie just to listen to the song but those movies are just disturbing.


  2. Yeah 2016 as a whole was pretty crappy, hopefully 2017 will treat us all better. I’ve watched all of the GG revival except the last 20 minutes of the last episode. It’s killing me that I can’t finish it until my mom has time (we watch it together). Happy late birthday!


  3. Great post! I absolutely love The Voice. I watch the USA version and this year they had some amazing talent! The only song I’ve been listening to is “Closer by The Chainsmokers” I can’t stop listening to it 🙂


  4. Love this monthly series! I have mainly spent this month watching Kdramas and listening to music. Speaking of which, I love the song “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” by Zayn and Taylor too!

    Anyways, hope you end 2016 on a good note and best of wishes to you for 2017!


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