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Hi guys! Today I’m back with another tag. I was tagged by Cristina @ My Tiny Obsessions to do the The Anonymous Bookaholics Tag and it’s such an awesome tag and I haven’t been doing that many tags that I had to do this one. Thank you so much Cristina for tagging me :D. 

What do you Like about Buying New Books?

EVERYTHING! I love to have them on my bookshelf, look at them (especially when they have gorgeous covers and spines), smell them and especially knowing that I can read them. That’s quite important too :P.

How Often do you Buy New Books?

Recently I’ve been buying a lot of books. But here’s the thing, I was unemployed for a long time and I couldn’t really buy that many books so now that I have a job and actually have a paycheck I’ve been going a little bit crazy. I’ll be back to normal in a few months… I hope XD

Bookstore or Online Book Shopping – Which do you Prefer?

I do prefer bookstores because I like to see the books in front of me before buying them but because we don’t have that many bookstores here in Portugal who sell books in english and that sell what I normally read I buy most of my books online. Book Depository is one of my best friends right now…

Do you have a Favorite Bookshop?

Not really. I used to love Bertrand (a bookstore here in Portugal) but that was before I started reading in english. I haven’t bought anything there for a really long time. I do like Fnac but it’s not really a bookshop. They just happen to have a book section where they have a ton of english books.

Do you Pre-Order Books?

Not really. I think I pre-ordered books once or twice but I was always unlucky I ended up having the books about a month later. I’m not kidding… I got Lady Midnight three weeks after the release date and I wasn’t happy about that because I had to ignore spoilers for a long time.

Do you have a Monthly Book Buying Limit?

I don’t. I know the books I want and if I have money to buy them I do it. If I don’t I’ll wait for the next month. I know how to control myself so I don’t really need a book buying limit… at least I never did so let’s hope it won’t happen.

Book Buying Bans – Are they Something for you?

Nope. As I said before, I know how to control myself and if I want a book and have the money to buy it I’ll do it. Self-imposed book buying bans are not for me.

How Big is your Wishlist?

Hmmmmm… Let me think…

Which Three Books from your Wishlist do you Wish to Own Now?

After watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them I really want The Case of Beasts: Explore the Film Wizardry of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I might be thinking of giving it to myself on Christmas or on my birthday because that book is not cheap. I also want a finished copy of And I Darken because I read the eARC and I really, really, really want Six of Crows.


Here are my answers for The Anonymous Bookaholics Tag. Today I’m not tagging anyone in particular because I don’t really know who did this tag or who was already tagged. So if you’re reading this consider yourself tagged 😀


6 thoughts on “The Anonymous Bookaholics Tag

  1. I’ve only ever pre-ordered two books, The Cursed Child and the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them Screenplay. I got them both on-time though so I am probably going to pre-order again some day. I’ve had to limit myself because I go crazy with buying books and my parents have gotten to the point of telling me I have to stop. Like once I had to force myself to buy zero books in one month and it was so hard but felt good as well. Ooohhhh I haven’t seen that Case of Beasts thing! That sounds cool!


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