October TBR


Hi guys! Because it’s the start of October it’s time to share with you my October TBR. Here’s the thing, I already talked a little bit about how busy I am right now. The reason is that I got a new job :D. I went to a job interview a little it over two weeks ago and started a training a few days later to see if in the end of the training I would get a job. Guess what? In the beginning of this week I found out I got it and I already started it, which is a little bit crazy. Everything happened suddenly so I’m still trying to adjust to everything. That means that I don’t have time to do anything and that’s why I haven’t been reading your blog posts. I feel bad about it but I leave for work around 10 am and I’m only back home after 10 pm so I don’t have any time at all. I’m only managing to having daily blog posts because I’m scheduling all of them in the weekend. This means I should have a small TBR this month right?? Well… NOPE. I have 14 books on my TBR for October which is crazy. I wasn’t planning on having a TBR so big but 12 of these books are ARCs that will be released either on October or November 1st so I really need to read them (well, I’ll try). I’m actually already halfway through When the Moon was Ours and that book is quite surprising… weird but really good. Most of these reads will be buddy reads with Cristina @ My Tiny Obsessions, like always, but I’ll also have a few with Kat @ Life and Other Disasters. But anyway, let’s stop the rambling (because this post is already too long) and see which books are on my over the top October TBR:


These are some of the books I’m planning on reading during the month of October. I’ll probably fail in this TBR but I really want to read most of these books so it will happen… even if I don’t sleep just so I can read (kidding, I need to sleep a lot XD). We’ll see what I’ll end up reading on my October Wrap-up.

What about you? Which books are you planning on reading during this month?

22 thoughts on “October TBR

  1. I’ve already read wrecked! I just can’t leave a book to read really soon to its release date, I start to stress about it 😂 (I liked it, but there were some aspects that really got on my nerves, btw!) That’s a really big TBR, but I hope you can handle it 😊


  2. Congrats on the new job!! That’s SUPER exciting! I know you’ll find time to balance an appropriate amount of reading with work. Just don’t overextend yourself! It’s really easy to do… not… that I’m speaking from experience… O_o
    Good luck with your October TBR! I believe in you!


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