Book Traveling Thursdays #54 – Books take us in Adventures!

Today is thursday which means that is Book Traveling Thursdays, a weekly meme created by me and Danielle @ Danielle’s Book Blog. This weekly meme consists in picking a book related to the weekly theme that is announced in the group Goodreads page (if you want to join click here) at the beginning of each month. After that you can write a blog post where you explain why you choose that book and choose different covers from different countries. To make it a little bit easy you are going to choose different editions of the original cover, the cover from your country, your favorite cover, and your least favorite cover.

This weeks theme is Because reading takes us to a lot of different adventures choose a book that makes you think about traveling. This is one of those weeks in which I actually knew what book I wanted to use. This week’s book is Just One Year by Gayle Forman. Willem, the main character, travels a lot  and in this books he goes to various countries like France, Netherlands, Mexico and India. Because of that this book really made me want to travel while I was reading it and that’s why this is my choice for this week. So let’s see a few covers:

Original Cover:


This cover is not one of my favorites but I kind of like it. First of all, with this being the second book, I like that it matches Just One Day and that they actually used the same model. I also like the font of the author’s name and I like the colors used. I just don’t like the picture they choose. But overall the cover is not that bad.

Cover from my Country (Portugal):


You know that I normally don’t like models and faces in covers but for some reason these work in the portuguese editions of Gayle Forman’s books. I really like this cover. O like the colors a lot and I love where the Eiffel Tower is. I really like it and that’s why this is one of my favorite covers.

Favorite Covers:

favorite covers

Germany    –    Brazil    –    Portugal

As I said before I really like the portuguese cover. My favorite cover overall has to be the one from Germany. I love the color they used and if you notice the sticker (or whatever that is) in the cover you can see that if you combine the two books you get a heart. I love that idea and I love how beautiful it is. I also love how simple the cover looks. I also like the cover from Brazil. I really like those type of covers with a lot of pictures and this one looks good.

Least Favorite Covers:

least favorites

Italy    –    Russia    –    France    –    Slovakia

Let’s get this thing straight… I don’t like faces in covers. I especially don’t like it when it has close-ups. Can you see what all of these covers have in common?? Faces and close-ups. I really don’t like these. Not only they look weird but it also looks like a cheap work. Anyone could do that. I just can’t see what’s in the editors and designers minds when they use these covers.

So this is it, this week Book Traveling Thursdays. What did you think of these covers? Tell me in the comments 🙂

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