Pride Month: LGBTQ Books and TV Shows + Favorite LGBTQ Couples

pride month

Hi guys! If you don’t know (which I doubt you don’t) June is Pride Month and it’s almost the end of the month and I haven’t done anything related to that. How could I? Because of that today I decided to talk about LGBTQ books I’ve read, LGBTQ TV shows I watch and my favorite LGBTQ couples both in books and in TV shows (because I love my OTP’s and I’m OTP trash XD). All the books and TV shows I’ll feature have one or more LGBTQ characters either they’re main characters or not. So let’s see some books and TV shows that have these characters.

LGBTQ Books:

Books with LGBTQ characters


TV Shows with LGBTQ characters

Favorite LGBTQ Couples:

Michiru Kaioh and Haruka Tenou – Sailor Moon

For some reason these two are the only lesbian couple I love. I really need to read more books and watch more TV shows that features lesbian characters (if you have any recommendation leave it in the comments). I have loved these two since I was a little girl and I never had any problems with them being two girls. It’s logical if a little girl thinks it’s a little bit weird but I never did. I just loved them and I had to include them in this list.

Fer and David – Física ò Química

I’m almost sure any of you knows these two because they are from a spanish TV show but I loved them when I was a teenager. They were just too cute together. However I’m pretty sure this relationship didn’t end the best way and that was quite heartbreaking for me and everyone else who loved the show.

Zero and Jude – Hit the Floor

You know when you start seeing gifs on Twitter which makes you go to Youtube to watch every video existent about a couple without haven’t even watched the show?? Yep, that happened with me and Zude. Someone was sharing tons of gifs about them and that made me want to watch every single Youtube video and I fell in love with them. I did start watching the show and I only have 4 episodes left. I love that damn show and I love Zude even more (especially Jude. I love Jude with all my heart). They are great and amazing and they have cute and hot scenes. Someone might have watched a certain closet scene way more times than she should XD. But yeah, these two are one of my recent OTP’s and I couldn’t talk about LGBTQ couples without talking about them.

Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood – The Mortal Instruments and Shadowhunters

Anyone surprised about these two?? Anyone? No!! You know me too well XD. It’s obvious that Malec would make an appearance in this post. I never tried to hide how much I love these two but my love just grew even more since the premiere of the TV show. Yes, Shadowhunters isn’t great but I still love that show and Matt and Harry are doing an amazing job (especially Matt). I just love Alec and Magnus not only as a couple but also as their own selves. I can’t wait to read more about them in Lord of Shadows.

Miller and Bryan – The 100

Before anyone get mad at me for including Miller and Bryan instead of Clexa… I’m sorry! I’m not a Clexa shipper. I love Bellarke and it would be wrong to say that Clexa was one of my favorite couples when it’s not. But hey, Lexa grew a little bit on me on the last season. That’s something right? I do love Miller and Bryan. Actually I loved Miller since the first time he appeared and I was quite surprised when I realized he wa s gay. However, I got on board of that ship as soon as I realized it. I really liked the arc they had in season 3 and how Bryan decided to help Miller and choose the right side.

Noah and Brian – I’ll Give You the Sun

I think it’s time to start talking about more book couples. One of my favorite LGBTQ couples out there is Noah and Brian from I’ll Give You the Sun. I love these two so much and they have such a cute and heartbreaking story. They are great and so is the book.

Simon and Blue – Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

simon blue

Right now you are probably asking yourself why Blue’s face is covered. Well, if you have read the book you might know that Blue’s identity is only revealed almost in the end and I didn’t want to spoil anyone. However, these two are so cute. Their e-mail exchange is full of cuteness and don’t even make me talk about when they meet for the “first time”. This book is full of cuteness overload and, once again, I loved them and they are amazing. Also, I’m one of the few people who couldn’t predict who Blue was. Damn it me and my lack of prediction abilities.

Simon and Baz – Carry On

susannedraws: “ Inktober day 22 Simon and Baz from @rainbowrowell’s ‘Carry On’. I still have 100 pages left, so please no spoilers! :) ”

These two. What can I say about these two. I read this book a few months ago and I loved them right away. They are just so cute together. And Baz… oh Baz. You’re so cute and sassy. If you haven’t understood by now, I love Baz. He’s amazing. I’m going to be honest, I never cared about the Simon Snow parts on Fangirl but now I regret not having read it because these two are great.

So these are a few of the books I’ve read, TV shows I’ve watched and favorite LGBTQ couples. What about you? What are some of your favorite LGBTQ books, TV shows and couples? Share your opinions with me in the comments and if you want you can leave me some book and TV shows recommendations :D.

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  1. I legit just squealed at Zude!!! And then Malec and Miller and Bryan ❤ PERFECTION!
    I watch all the shows, except for Física ò Química, and I haven't read 7 of the books, but I think that's not too much. Some of them are even on my TBR.

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