Greek Mythology Book Tag

greek mythology book tag

Hi guys! Today I’m back with another tag. I was tagged by Cristina @ My Tiny Obsessions to do the Greek Mythology Book Tag and because it seemed so interesting I decided to answer to it. Thanks Cristina for tagging me 🙂 . Let’s see my picks for this tag 🙂


Whatever It Takes0

I can’t choose only one. I have tons of favorites. If I have to choose I would say that one of my favorite new adult books is Whatever it Takes by L.E. Bross. L.E. Bross is one of the reasons why I started to read more NA and I love this one. Also, I haven’t talked about this one in a long time so I had to choose this one :P.


Waking Olivia0

There a lot of books that did this but I think I’ll have to say Waking Olivia by  Elizabeth O’Roark. That book brought all the feels. It’s so amazing and heartbreaking at the same time.



I can’t choose a favorite but I have to say that Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma is one of them. This book broke my heart. It’s so sad and dark. I know a lot of people don’t like it but I love this book.


Cresswell Kiss by taratjah0

I haven’t talked about Cresswell for a long time so I think it’s time to talk about them again.  I just can’t deal with how cute and adorable Cress and Thorne are. These two are the cutest thing ever.


Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)0

I know I just talk about Cress and Thorne but I have to say The Lunar Chronicles  by Marissa Meyer. I love that series and I love the world that she created. It’s so amazing.


A Million Worlds with You (Firebird, #3)0

Let’s just all agree that the covers from the Firebird trilogy by Claudia Gray are the most gorgeous covers of all time. So I think it’s pretty obvious that one of the most beautiful covers that will be release in 2016 is the cover for A Million Worlds with You. Look at that, it’s one of the most beautiful things ever.


Red Rising (Red Rising, #1)0

Easy one, Red Rising by Pierce Brown. That book is violent as hell and I think I might have gotten a lot of trust issues after that. I can’t even imagine how Golden Son and Morning Star will be. Okay, I can… it will be even worse than Red Rising.


Rhysand by taratjah


Because I’m practically in the end of A Court of Mist and Fury I have to say Rhysand. I love Rhysand. That guy is so swoon-worthy that is almost impossible not to love him. Well done Sarah J. Maas, well done 😀


Throne of Glass Celaena by taratjah0

Celeana Sardothien for sure. And I’m also sure that Aelin will be even more kick-ass than Celeana but I still need to get there (I will, in the next couple of months for sure)


I can’t think of any right now. Normally if I don’t like the first book I won’t read the sequels so that hasn’t happened to me, I think. I’m pretty sure that in a few days I’ll remember one and it will be too late :P.


Me Before You (Me Before You, #1)0

I think I’m stealing Cristina’s answer and say Me Before You. I just love that the message is that it’s important to make your own choices and also to live boldly. And haters, this is not about quadriplegic not having the right to live okay. Read the damn book and see that for yourself.



Can I steal Cristina’s answer again?? I was doing a great job with not stealing answers today but I need to say Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell because Cath is so relatable and I think everyone feels the same way as me.


A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #2)0

Right now is all the courts from A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas but Velaris in particular. I want to visit Velaris and in Starfall if possible. Damn it, why can’t this be real?? Also, as you can see I love this book with all my heart (and I haven’t finished it yet XD)




We all know that Marissa Meyer is amazing so it’s not a surprise that Heartless is one of my most anticipating book releases this year. However, Gemina comes in a close second. I need these books in my hands soon.


I Tag:

Once again if you’re not interested in doing this tag you can just ignore it. These are my picks for the Greek Mythology Book Tag. What about you? What would be your answers?

50 thoughts on “Greek Mythology Book Tag

  1. It is funny that I just posted this tag two seconds ago haha! Also, holy fuck that cover for the third Firebird book! I hadn’t seen it yet! Also, hell yes Taratjah fanart 😉

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  2. This is a fun tag. Totally with you on Fangirl. I’m Cath. Cath is me. We are one haha.

    When it comes to Me Before You, I think it’s important to keep in mind that, although the right to choose is fantastic and I’m glad it gets portrayed, the trope the story ultimately falls under is ‘being an inspiration for an able-bodied person’. This trope has a history of being damaging for people with disabilities as it dismisses that their lives have any value by themselves and that they can only serve to inspire others. I do appreciate that the character gets to make the choice, but I wouldn’t dismiss how people with disabilities have felt hurt by this. I’m not sure what the haters are saying though, but this is just how I see this whole thing.

    People can still love the story and that’s perfectly fine. For me the important thing is not bashing the experience of other readers, right? That’s why discussing books is so great, you get to see how everyone’s life experiences can change their perspective on a book.

    Sorry for rambling for so long, I think I might have gotten carried away! Great post.

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    • I understand your point of view. I just think it’s unfair that people are judging the book and the movie without even knowing what really happens. Lou spends most of the book trying to make Will see that he still can live a happy life and there are some references to other people with the same problem or even worse that show that they can leave a full life even with the problem that they have. That’s why I get really mad when I see people saying that the book/movie sends the message that quadriplegics have no right to live when it’s not the truth. Yes, Will thinks he can’t live like that but there are other stories in the book that show that quadriplegics can live a full ife.

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      • Totally get that. Of course it is unfair people jumping to conclusions. With social media it is easier to jump into the ‘talk without knowing’ bandwagon, it’s frustrating.

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    • It’s so true. This book is great for discussions. Even if you loved the book (which I did) you’ll have the need to discuss with with someone because it has such a sensitive and difficult topic.

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  3. I love this tag; I’ll definitely be giving it a go! And I TOTALLY agree with Cresswell (didn’t know that was their ship name!) because they were so adorable in Cress and Winter. Celaena is definitely the most badass as well.

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  4. This tag is so much fun! I’m about to start reading A Court of Mist and Fury and I am so excited to see more Rhysand! Creswell is one of my favorite book couples as well! I’ve been thinking of starting the Firebird trilogy. I own it, and I can’t stand just looking at the cover, which is STUNNING, and knowing that I have no idea what it is about.

    Great picks Cátia! 😀

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  8. With that last book, “Heartless”, I was like, “wow the CEO of Yahoo wrote a book called ‘Heartless’?! what a perfect title for her reptilian corporate attitude!” LOL. And then I looked it up and was like, oh, no that’s Marissa MEYER the author, but Marissa MAYER is the Yahoo CEO. My bad… but can you blame a lady 😀 Best mistake ever.

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  9. (Sorry about the previous comment!) I loveeeed The Lunar Chronicles as well – I actually just finished the series not long ago. I agree with what you said about Me Before You too, despite what many say about quadriplegia and all that stuff. Aand I also found Cath from Fangirl incredibly down to earth and relatable. I loved this tag!!

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    • It’s okay 🙂
      The Lunar Chronicles is such a good series and it has such amazing characters. I’m happy that you loved it too.
      I was really mad with the whole Me Before You thing. If people took the time to read the book or watch the movie before being judgemental they would know that the message is the opposite of what they thought.
      Cath is awesome 😀

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