A Bookworm’s Guide to a New OTP

bookworm guide to a new otp

Hi guys!!! Today I decided to do a type of post I haven’t done for quite a while. Being a bookworm we all know that sometimes we keep finding amazing OTPs and we love those OTPs like we actually knew them. Because of that today’s post is A Bookworm’s Guide to a New OTP. This is mainly how I react when I read a great book and start shipping a new OTP and I’m pretty sure that a lot of you might agree with some of these things.

 1. You know when you start a new book/tv show (whatever it is) and you are loving it so much that you can barely stop it??

2. During the book/tv show (whatever it is) you realize that you can’t stop shipping a certain couple and you realize that they are perfect to each other even if they haven’t realized that yet;

3. You can stop expressing how much you love this ship and you share your feelings with everyone else;

4. This means a talk nonstop about them and about the book you’re still reading;

5. You start thinking about them more than you should and care to admit;

6. Meanwhile you finish the book. You can’t remember what was life before the book and your new OTP;

7. Now more than ever you can’t stop talking about them. You just need to keep them in your life;

8. If you’re lucky you’ll have more books in the series and in that case you probably “just” have to wait a year to have this amazing OTP in your life;

9. Either you have more books to go or not you’ll end up googling or searching on Tumblr for fan art/gifs (if it’s a tv show *cough* Malec gifs *cough*);

10. While searching everything about your OTP you find out that some people don’t like them and criticize them and you get a little bit mad;

11. However, who cares??? You still love them and you don’t care about what anyone says;

12. You’re still overjoyed about how cute your OTP is;

13. You end reading a new books a few months later and find a new OTP;

14. Repeat all the steps above

So this is my Bookworm’s Guide to a New OTP. What about you?? Do you do any of these things? What other things do you normally do when a find a new OTP?? And share with me your OTPs. Maybe we can fangirl together 😀

22 thoughts on “A Bookworm’s Guide to a New OTP

  1. Hi Catia.
    I had to google the meaning of ‘OTP’.
    Much to my surprise, there was a picture of me and Miss Plumtartt!
    Happy Reading!
    Your pal,
    ~Icky. 🙂

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  2. This post is SO ACCURATE, I CAN’T EVEN! I’m pretty sure the first thing I do when going into a book is look for my new ship and I basically hope that it doesn’t sink by the time I’m finished with the book. I can’t swim, so please don’t let my ship sink! XD

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