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get to know me tag

Hi guys! I was going to write my Lady Midnight review today but I’m not ready yet so I’m back with another tag. I was tagged by Kat @ Life and Other Disasters to do the Get to Know Me Tag and this looks such a cool tag that I wanted to answer it today. Let’s get to know me a little bit better 😛

vital stats

photoName: Cátia. If you want to know the meaning go read Kat’s post because I’m pretty sure is the same XD
Nicknames: Catii. That’s what my college friends call me. I also have a few embarrassing ones from when I was a kid but it’s better if I don’t talk about it 😛
Birthday: December 28th. Right in between Christmas and New Year.
Star Sign: Capricorn.
Occupation: Technically unemployed but being a bookworm and blogger is also a very valid occupation.


Hair color: Funny story, I always thought my hair was light brown but according to the hair dye brand I might have dark blonde hair. I don’t know. My hair color confuses me. But it’s mostly blonde in the summer.
Hair length: A little bit longer than the picture above. I’m trying to have a huge hair again.
Eye color: Blue, most of the times but if it’s to cloudy outside it looks more grey than blue.
Best Feature: My eyes?? I think.
Piercings: Only the normal ear piercings.
Tattoos: None. I like the idea but I really don’t like needles.
Right or Left: Left. If I was on a maze I would always go left. I’m also left-handed.


Best Friend: My first best friend was my neighbor and childhood best friend. He was only a few months older than me so we grew up together.
Award: Does a participation award for an Orchestra’s meeting count??
Sport: Let me think… Watch TV and being on the internet XD . I don’t do sports but I do watch tennis, figure skating and MotoGP.
Real Holiday: I normally spend my holidays home because it has a ton of beaches nearby (even if I don’t go to the beach).
Concert: This is not my first concert but it’s my favorite. Two years ago I went to music festival and two of my favorite bands, Imagine Dragons and The Lumineers, were playing on that day and it was awesome.


Film: Let’s be all romantic and say Moulin Rouge. That movie is everything and it has the most amazing soundtrack ever.
TV Show: All of them?? The one I’ve been watching for a longer time is Supernatural. I can’t stop loving that show. I also love Friends and How I Met Your Mother (if I forget the disaster that the last season was). Ans I can’t forget about Masterchef Australia.
Color: Blue or pink.
Song: That’s a difficult one. Right now (and for the past month) it has been War of Hearts by Ruelle. That song is not only amazing but it brings all the Malec feelings back.

Restaurant: Any restaurant that has burgers. I normally go to one called Farm that has amazing burgers. Also, anything that has amazing pizzas.
Shop: I can’t say Barnes and Noble because there’s no Barnes and Noble in Portugal so I’ll say Fnac because it’s where I buy books.
Books: Not answering. This is like having to choose my favorite child (which, by the way, I don’t have).


Feeling: Happy 😀
Single or Taken: Single. It would be so much easier if book boyfriends were real.
Eating: Nothing. I had lunch just a couple of hours ago.
Thinking About: Which book will I read on my walk today. I’m also thinking that I need to send some curriculums later today.
Watching: Let me look to my TV… Castle is on tv right now but I’m not really watching it. The TV is only on for background noise (something that isn’t necessary because I’m listening to some music).
Wearing: No judgement here okay?? I’m on my cat pajama pants and panda pajama top. Let’s forget that fact that is almost 5pm and I’m still on my pajamas.


Want Children: Yeah. I want a boy and a girl. I’m pretty sure that’s already a lot of work
Want to be Married: Maybe… I want to but I won’t be sad if I don’t get married.
Careers in Mind: If anyone works in a pharmaceutical company (preferably in the biopharmaceuticals purification area) I’m here if you want to hire me.
Where You Want To Live: Lisbon?? Or maybe London. I always wanted to live in London.

do you believe in

God: I don’t know how to answer to this. I was raised to believe in God but look at everything bad that is happening in this world. It’s pretty difficult to believe in God when stuff like this keeps happening.
Miracles: Yeah. I believe miracles might happen.
Love at First Sight: If you had asked me this when I was a dumb teen I would say yes but then I grew up and now I don’t believe in it. You have to know the person before loving that person and that doesn’t happen at first sight.
Ghosts: A little bit. But I prefer not to think about it.
Aliens: People need to understand that we’re not alone in the universe. It’s impossible that only one planet has life on it. It’s a big universe. So yes, I believe that aliens exist.
Soul Mates: It might happen but I think that is not that common.
Heaven: I would like to think that it exists
Hell: I prefer to think that this one doesn’t exist
Kissing on the First Date: If both people are okay with that and want, why not?
Yourself: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It really depends on what’s happening in my life and how I’m feeling about myself.

And this is the Get to Know Me Tag. I’m tagging everyone to do this tag because I want to know more a little more about all of you 😀 . If you want to know something else ask in the comments and I’ll try to answer 🙂

27 thoughts on “Get to Know Me Tag

  1. YAY! I am still in my pajamas as well and I am sure as heck not going to get dressed anymore. I wear whatever I want on my days off, even if it clashes or includes a silly fandom shirt, simply because I am happy that I don’t have to bend to the rules of work-place-requirements hahaha be happy about wearing pajamas!
    I think I’ve talked about that enough now! Great answers! I would have loved to see The Lumineers and Imagine Dragos live as well. And you know how much I love War of Hearts and Malec. I like your believe and future-section too 😀 maybe you are going to get a job offer now!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I spend so much time at home that I need to get myself to get out of my pajamas but today I just stayed on it the entire time XD
      The Lumineers and Imagine Dragons were amazing you need to see them soon 😀
      I know how much you love Malec and also anything that is Ruelle. Everytime you talk about music Ruelle is included 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved this! First, there’s is NOTHING wrong about being in your PJs anytime of day… heck, if I’m home, i’m in my pjs . comfiest thing ever! I would never guess pink and blue… it’s not like it’s your blog colours or anything like it :P. MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA!!! Malec… LOL, the music is obviously amazing though. I thought we were all sharing a flat in London, right? You, Kat, Me and Marie :P?!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right? Pajamas are so comfortable. If I could I would always on my pajamas.
      True. Anyone who comes to the blog can guess my favorite colors. Is not that difficult XD
      I love Malec okay?? I’ making progress with no searching for Malec gifs but yeah, the song is amazing.
      We will all be sharing a flat in London but before that I might need to live in Lisbon for a little bit 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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  4. Same here, I’ve been watching Supernatural forever and I absolutely love it. I can’t not watch it. And can we just imagine a world in which book boyfriends were real. Sign me up, I want that. But seriously, I’m loving a lot of your answers, so funny.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I can’t not watch it too. I’ve already invested a lot of time watching it so I’m not giving up anytime soon 😛
      Hahaha, thank you. I’m happy that you enjoyed it 😀


  5. Go Capricorns! 💪 My birthday is on December 30 so I’m a Capricorn too 😂
    Just have to agree in the aliens thing! I just believe the same. The Universe is so big, if we started existing, and keep evolving why in other planet can’t be happening the same? Who knows but I believe aliens exist.

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  7. Wow you got to see Imagine Dragons AND The Lumineers live? So jealous!! Haha
    Anyway, love your answer about aliens. I can’t even understand how some people believe that we are the only intelligent living beings in the whole universe. That’s like scooping a cup of ocean water and saying Nope, no fish here, there must be no fish in the whole ocean.

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