Finding Hope by Colleen Nelson – eARC Review

Finding HopePublication Date:

March 19th, 2016



Goodreads Synopsis:

Hope leaves her small town for a fresh start, but her plans are derailed by an online romance and the appearance of her brother.

Hope lives in a small town with nothing to do and nowhere to go. With a drug addict for a brother, she focuses on the only thing that keeps her sane, writing poetry. To escape, she jumps at the chance to attend Ravenhurst Academy as a boarding student. She’ll even put up with the clique-ish Ravens if it means making a fresh start.

At first, Ravenhurst is better than Hope could have dreamed. She has a boyfriend and a cool roommate, and she might finally have found a place she can fit in. But can she trust her online boyfriend? And what can she do after her brother shows up at the school gates, desperate for help, and the Ravens turn on her? Trapped and unsure, Hope realizes that if she wants to save her brother, she has to save herself first.


*I was provided a copy by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

I wanted to like this book so much. I really wanted. This book has a beautiful cover (the cover was what grabbed my attention) and an interesting blurb but in the end it didn’t work for me. I had so many problems with this book but mainly in Hope’s POV. Let’s start from the beginning. This book is told in a dual POV (one of the things I actually liked) which means that we have this book from Hope’s perspective and also from Eric’s perspective. Hope, a 15 year-old girl, is tired of living on her older brother, Eric, shadow. In her small town everyone knew her as being Eric, the hockey star, little sister but know everyone knows her as Eric, the meth-addict, sister. Hope enrolls in a all-girl boarding school so that she can run away from being Eric’s little sister. This had potential, right?? Unfortunately it didn’t work out to me. First of all the chapters in each POV were too short so it was really difficult for me to connect with the characters. Secondly, I hated Hope. I couldn’t understand how dumb and naïve she was and that made me not like this book. It was so bad that I made a list of “9 Reasons why I want to slap Hope in the face”. I never felt the need to do something like this but I just had too. I’m leaving the list in here but be warned that it will have spoilers. Only read this if you really want to know a lot of things about this book:

• She keeps giving her brother some money even if she knows it is for drugs and not food

• She became friends with the mean girls even if she know they were trouble

• She told the mean girls her deepest secret which means that they know she has a meth addict brother (we all knew this was coming back to her)

• She talked with a random guy online after he saw her picture in the school directory

• She accepted to be his girlfriend a few days after he didn’t show up on their date

• She lied to everyone saying that the guy who was visiting her was her boyfriend so that no one finds out he’s her meth addict brother

• She sent nude pictures to a person she never met because he didn’t trust her after “he” learned about her boyfriend showing up in the school gates

• Everyone was looking for her brother (he robbed a pharmacy) and she didn’t tell her mom that she knew where the brother was (mom was worried to death because she thinks that he might be dead)

• After her nudes leaked (we all knew this was going to happen) she still thought that the boyfriend didn’t knew about it and that his laptop had been hacked (let’s be honest, at this point everyone knows that she was catfished by the queen of the mean girls, right??)

I did like Eric’s POV. It felt real. We learn a lot about why he became a meth addict (not that I think anyone should become a meth addict) and what happened to him that left such a big mark in his life. I would love if this book was more about Hope trying to help Eric and about their bond as siblings but unfortunately it didn’t work that way. Also, I still don’t understand how is it possible that a mother prefers to make her son leave his on home (because her husband told her to) instead of trying to help him and trying to understand why he ended up like that.

Overall, I had a lot of problems with this book. I might be over-reacting about what Hope did but I just couldn’t understand her and it’s really difficult to like one book when you don’t like one of the main characters. Also, a disclaimer, don’t read this book if you have problems with drug addiction, bullying and sexual abuse because these are the main topics of this book.


2 stars

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think about it? If you haven’t read it would you read it?


11 thoughts on “Finding Hope by Colleen Nelson – eARC Review

  1. I saw that cover too and really liked it, but something put me off from actually requesting it. Now I am a little glad about that hahaha
    Did you put the list in white font? My laptop didn’t show it until I marked the area and then it showed up hahaha

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