RIP It or SHIP It Book Tag #2

rip it ship it

Hi guys! Today I’m doing the RIP It or SHIP It Book Tag once again. This tag was created by emmmabooks and I already did this tag a few months ago but because I had so much fun and had more characters I wanted to include I decided to try it again. For this tag  you need to put characters names into a jar and pick two at random. After that you decide if you rip them or ship them. So let’s start it.

Round 1


This actually starts in a pretty good way. If Cath didn’t have Levi in her life I’m pretty sure she and Simon would make a pretty good couple. I’m completely digging this so I SHIP IT.

Round 2


Nope. I’m sorry. Cricket might be a great guy and I really like him but I can’t Sky with anyone else, only Holder so I’ll have to RIP IT.

Round 3


I really like these characters and I think that they could make a pretty good couple. I can see them together so I’m going to SHIP IT.

Round 4


Can this happen please?? Baz is some kind of wizard and we all know how much Alec loves wizards (at least one wizard in particular). I can see this happen in a world where Magnus and Simon Snow don’t exist. I SHIP IT.

Round 5


No, no, no. Poor Kenji if he had to deal with Agatha. He wouldn’t like her and let’s be real, Agatha would not like to be in the middle of what Kenji has going on. This wouldn’t work so I’ll RIP IT.

Round 6


Let me think about this one… No, never. I wouldn’t want anyone with Levana because she’s pure evil and crazy. Also, poor Seth. He’s a good guy and he wouldn’t deserve it. I RIP IT.

Round 7


I love when this happens. I’m shipping this one and everyone who’s not is crazy and needs to read The Lunar Chronicles once again to see how perfect these two are for each other. I SHIP IT.

Round 8


I could see this happens. I can’t explain exactly why but I can see it. Also, who wouldn’t want Noah Shaw in life. I have to SHIP IT.

Round 9


I know that it wouldn’t be the first time that Lola would date an older guy but I can’t see this happening. They wouldn’t match and Ryan needs someone a little bit calmer than Lola. I have to RIP IT.

Round 10


I could see this happening. Two vile people from the same universe together. My only problem with this one is that their plans would be more evil if they were together. I still SHIP IT.

Round 11


Nope. Not happening. I can’t even imagine these two as friends. I have to RIP IT.

Round 12


Look, the two Simons together. I would love to see this happen. I really think these two would be great together. I SHIP IT.

Round 13


I can’t see this happening. Magnus is too sassy and too outgoing for someone like Tess so I have to RIP IT.

Round 14


I absolutely ship these two together… as friends. These two would be amazing together and I could see this happening. I SHIP IT.

So this is it. The RIP It or SHIP IT Book Tag. I will not tag anyone in particular but if you want to do this tag do it and tell me in the comments. I would love to see it.

22 thoughts on “RIP It or SHIP It Book Tag #2

    I actually bromance shipped Cath and SImon before, because someone put them together for a different tag. So weird that they found their way together onto yours as well – it’s fate!
    And Alec and Baz! I LOVE IT!

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