Seven Ways We Lie by Riley Redgate – eARC Review

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March 8th, 2016


Amulet Books

Goodreads Synopsis:

Paloma High School is ordinary by anyone’s standards. It’s got the same cliques, the same prejudices, the same suspect cafeteria food. And like every high school, every student has something to hide—whether it’s Kat, the thespian who conceals her trust issues onstage; or Valentine, the neurotic genius who’s planted the seed of a school scandal.

When that scandal bubbles over, and rumors of a teacher-student affair surface, everyone starts hunting for someone to blame. For the unlikely allies at the heart of it all, the collision of their seven ordinary-seeming lives results in extraordinary change.


*I was provided a copy by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Sometimes when I’m reading ARCs I try to go to the book with low expectations and the same happened with this one. When I started this book I already knew that it would have 7 POV’s and that scared me a little bit because sometimes when the different POV’s aren’t that well done it ruins a book. However, I was pleasantly surprised how well the different POV’s were written and how much I enjoyed this book. I really enjoyed the plot and how everyone’s life ended up connecting by the end of the book. I can’t say that I liked every single POV because I didn’t. I really didn’t like Claire’s POV and her motivation behind the things she did and I didn’t like Juniper’s POV as much as the others because of the way it was written. I really liked the other characters, their stories and how they changed thought out the book. I also really enjoyed how the interaction between the characters and how by the end of the book these interactions might have helped the change in the characters life. Another thing that scared me was the teacher-student romance. I was really afraid how the author would handle this subject but in the end I think she did a great job and I really liked when she explained how everything had happened. Let me just tell you that when I read how everything started between the teacher and the student I started thinking of Aria and Fitz from Pretty Little Liars and how I loved them as a couple when I watched the show. The situation it’s pretty similar and it’s something that I could understand if it had happened. I was really happy that it wasn’t something creepy.
Overall, I really enjoyed this book (even more than I was expecting) and I can’t wait to read more books written by Riley Redgate. If you love contemporaries you should give this one a try.


4 stars

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think about it? If you haven’t read it would you read it?

26 thoughts on “Seven Ways We Lie by Riley Redgate – eARC Review

    • I’m happy that you liked it. I also like multi POV’s but in some books it looks like you’re reading from the same person all the time. I really liked that in this one you could understand which character was «talking». The chapter always had the name of the character but it was still very easy to understand who POV was it because they were so different


  1. I requested this on Netgalley but got turned down :/
    It seems like a great book, and one of my Goodreads friends really loved it! I’ll just read it when it actually releases haha. Great review Cátia 🙂

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