Polaris Is Where You’ll Find Me by Jenny Han – Mini-Review | Blogmas #13

blogmas day 13

Hi guys! I’m back today for Blogmas day 13 and today I’m bringing you another mini-review. As you might know I’m re-reading My True Love Gave to Me, edited by Stephanie Perkins. This book is a collection of twelve short stories related to the this season of the year. Today I’m going to be reviewing Polaris Is Where You’ll Find Me by Jenny Han.

Polaris Is Where You’ll Find MeShort Story

Polaris Is Where You’ll Find Me


Jenny Han


4 stars


This story was so cute, something that I was already expecting since it was written by Jenny Han. It was also different from the other stories mainly because it was really Christmas themed, literally Christmas themed since it was on North Pole and it was about Santa’s adopted daughter. It also had elves. Do you want more Christmas than that? I really liked the story and it was really cute but I couldn’t give it 5 stars because I needed more pages. The end was too abrupt and I really needed more. This is another short story that could have been made into a full-length novel because there is a lot more to talk about.

This is all I have to say in this mini-review. If I say more stuff I will spoil someone and I don’t want to do that. Have you read My True Love Gave to Me? If so what did you think about this short story?

18 thoughts on “Polaris Is Where You’ll Find Me by Jenny Han – Mini-Review | Blogmas #13

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  2. This was actually my favorite short story out of all of the because first of all I loved the title! And also, I related a lot to the character and I absolutely loved the plot and the setting! I do agree with you on the fact that the ending was abrupt… This short story had so much potential to be a full length novel! I really liked you review!

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