Midnights by Rainbow Rowell – Mini-Review| Blogmas #4

blogmas day 4

Hi guys! I’m back today for Blogmas day 4 and today I’m bringing you a review. Because we’re the holiday season I thought that it would be a good idea to re-read My True Love Gave to Me that was edited by Stephanie Perkins. If you don’t know this book is a collection of twelve short stories related to the this season of the year. Because this has twelve different stories I decided to do a review for each one of them and today I’m here with the review of Midnights, written by Rainbow Rowell.

midnights rainbow rowellShort Story



Rainbow Rowell


4.5 stars


This is the first short story of the book and I loved it. It really starts this book pretty well. This is something that doesn’t surprised me because it’s written by Rainbow Rowell and I love all of her books (except Carry On because I still haven’t read it). In this story we meet Mags and Noel and we see what they’ve been up to in New Years Eve for the last 4 years. I loved the characters and the premise of this story. It was cute and fluffy and I always like things like that. Even though that is really short Rainbow Rowell was able to develop it very well and you could see the change in the characters every year. My only problem with this one is that I wanted it to be longer but that’s the problem with short stories, they’re short 😛 .

This is all I have to say in this mini-review. If I say more stuff I will spoil someone and I don’t want to do that. Have you read My True Love Gave to Me? What did you think about Midnights?

23 thoughts on “Midnights by Rainbow Rowell – Mini-Review| Blogmas #4

  1. I read two books by her so far and that is eleonor and park and fangirl and I loved both of them. This sounds like a really cool book so I’ll put on the chritmas list 🙂

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