It’s Time for Blogmas | Blogmas #1

blogmas day 1

Hi everyone!! If you haven’t noticed today is December 1st. Yep, it’s already December which means that Christmas and the Holiday Season are just around the corner. Because of that I decided to participate in Blogmas which means that I’m going to be blogging everyday from today until December 25th. I will have a Blogmas post everyday and all the posts are going to be related to this season but I’ll still have my normal bookish posts like always. This means that I’ll still be participating on Top 5 Wednesdays, Book Traveling Thursday and I’ll have a few reviews 🙂 . I already have a schedule for Blogmas but I still have a few days where I don’t have any blog post planned so if you want to see some kind of blog post that is holiday related just tell me in the comments, I’ll be open to suggestions 😀 . For today this is all I have to say to you but I’ll be back tomorrow with a new Blogmas post.

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