Book Traveling Thursdays #13 – Favorite Bookish Family

Today is thursday which means that is Book Traveling Thursdays, a weekly meme created by me and Danielle @ Danielle’s Book Blog. This weekly meme consists in picking a book related to the weekly theme that is announced in the group Goodreads page (if you want to join click here) at the beginning of each month. After that you can write a blog post where you explain why you choose that book and choose different covers from different countries. To make it a little bit easy you are going to choose different editions of the original cover, the cover from your country, your favorite cover, and your least favorite cover. This weeks theme is Because Family Matters choose a book that features your favorite bookish family! I could choose the obvious family for this one (let’s be real, everyone wants to belong to the Wesley’s family) but I decided to choose a family from another popular book series. I ended up choosing City of Bones for this week theme because I love the Lightwoods (not the parents, I don’t like the parents). So let’s start this list.

Original Cover:


In the beginning I didn’t like this cover but it just grew on me and now I really like it. When you see covers similar to this one you know that is a The Mortal Instruments book.

Cover from my Country (Portugal):


For some reason in Portugal they switched the City of Bones cover with the City of Ashes. Yep, our City of Ashes cover has the original City of Bones but because the covers are the same as the original ones I really like them.

Favorite Covers:

favorite covers

Let’s just talk how beautiful the new US and UK editions are. I want them because they are so pretty. The new US covers are just beautiful. They have the characters like the original one but I like these more. And don’t make me talk about the spines. They are so pretty. The new UK editions are also really beautiful and I like how each book has a different color.

Least Favorite Covers:

least favorite

Okay, what were the cover designers thinking to make such ugly covers?? I can’t understand. The first cover, from Bulgaria, looks like a cheap version of the original one. I know that it’s supposed to be Jace but his hair looks like a helmet. It’s weird. The second cover (Poland) is also weird. Is that Jace too? I don’t like this Jace. And don’t even make me talk about the czech cover. The drawing is terrible. Also, is that a demon? It’s just ugly.

So this is it, this week Book Traveling Thursdays. What did you think of these covers? Tell me in the comments 🙂 .

27 thoughts on “Book Traveling Thursdays #13 – Favorite Bookish Family

  1. omg noooo, the Bulgarian covers are 100 times better than the original ones, haha! The original ones look like bad photoshop but the Bulgarian ones are so soft and beautiful and the color scheme is so much better on all of them. If I knew Bulgarian I’d buy them, even if I have no intentions to read this series hahaha.

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  3. I LOVE THE LIGHTWOODS TOO!! I have the first 3 books in German and English, but I want the new US covers sooooo bad! For both, TMI and TID … I’m not allowed to though. Did you see the German covers? I think they aren’t that bad, but also not that great.

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