Book Traveling Thursdays #12 – Halloween is Just Around the Corner

Today is thursday which means that is Book Traveling Thursdays, a weekly meme created by me and Danielle @ Danielle’s Book Blog. This weekly meme consists in picking a book related to the weekly theme that is announced in the group Goodreads page (if you want to join click here) at the beginning of each month. After that you can write a blog post where you explain why you choose that book and choose different covers from different countries. To make it a little bit easy you are going to choose different editions of the original cover, the cover from your country, your favorite cover, and your least favorite cover. This weeks theme is Halloween is only 2 days away! Choose a book that scared you. I normally don’t read scary books so I decided to choose a book that as a Halloween-y vibe. Because of that I ended up choosing The Graveyard Book  by Neil Gaiman. I think that this book is really fitting because most of its action occurs in a graveyard and because it has ghost and other supernatural entities. So let’s start this list.

Original Cover:


I do enjoy this cover because it is very fitting to the book title and also the plot. I also like the colors and how it looks a little bit obscure even when this is a middle grade book.

Cover from my Country (Portugal):

pt least favorite

I have a few problems with this cover. While I like the illustration used (that is also used in the book) I don’t like the found that they choose for this book. I think it’s a little bit weird and amateur. So yeah, I don’t like the portuguese edition (even if it’s the one that I own).

Favorite Cover:

favorite covers

I love this three covers mostly because their simplicity. The first two (from USA) are really simple and I love the design. I also love that the second cover is part of a collection of Neil Gaiman books that have all a similar design. The last one, from Russia, looks really cool and for some reason I like it.

Least Favorite Covers:

least favorite

I already told you that I don’t like the portuguese cover so I’m not going to explain again 😛 . The second cover (Poland) is a little bit weird and creepy and it doesn’t look like a middle grade book. The last cover, from China, is the most terrifying one mostly because it reminds me of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who and everyone who watches Doctor Who knows that they are scary and creepy.

So this is it, this week Book Traveling Thursdays. What did you think of these covers? Tell me in the comments 🙂 .

13 thoughts on “Book Traveling Thursdays #12 – Halloween is Just Around the Corner

    • I read it last year and I still think that I was too old to read it but I did like it. It’s not one of my favorite books but it’s cool. It’s also one of the Halloween-y books that I’ve read that has a different covers from where I could choose 😛

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